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May. 02, 2012 By Jaime Hernandez

Baja Designs Stealth XPG LED Bar Install Continued


We opted to install directly on our Land Cruiser’s bumper.  The steel construction of the bumper is more than sufficient to provide a solid mounting surface.  Using a drill, we powered through the metal bumper and opened up two 3/8 inch holes.

After two holes were drilled on the bumper, we tested fitment and made adjustments. Centered and aligned, we fastened and secured the Baja Designs Stealth XPG LED bar with 1/2-inch nuts.

Next was running the wiring form the Stealth into the engine bay.  We found an opening on the grill that gave access to the Delphi 3-pin weatherpack connector and waterproof cord.

Wiring for the Stealth LED bar requires 12 - 30v power (+) and ground (-).  It’s important that the mode lead “C” is not connected to power, this will destroy the microprocessor and the light will go into strobe mode permanently. As a precaution, Baja Designs includes good instructions on wiring so this doesn’t happen.


Since we wanted to have the option to turn our LED bar on/off, dim to 50% power (dust light), and also have the option to set the LED into strobe mode, we decided it made perfect sense to order a wiring harness from Baja Designs that allows your LED bar to be fully functional. It also makes it a true “plug and play” application (sold separately).

Installation time is about 2-3 hours.

The Baja Designs wiring harness includes the toggle switch for On/Off and Momentary button for dust and strobe modes. The heavy-duty wire gauge can handle 10- to 50-inch LED bar, complete with battery ring terminals, relay, sheathing and fuse. There is 100-inch wire length between battery ring terminals and weatherpack connector for bumper or roof mounting.

We ran our wiring harness into the cab through a rubber firewall grommet. This end of the wiring will connect with the toggle switch and momentary button. We then ran the rest of the wiring to the battery and ground, which connects to a relay. Finally, the Delphi 3-pin weatherpack connector was routed to the front of the vehicle, where it was snapped into place with the Stealth LED Bar.

We found room for our toggle switch and momentary button on the dash. Using some blank auxiliary switch plates already mounted on the vehicle, we simply removed them, drilled holes and fitted the new switches.  TIP: Use a Dremel to fine-tune the fitment; this little power tool is very handy.

We were able to fit both the On/Off toggle switch and Momentary button into switch plates on the Land Cruiser’s dash. This gives the installation a factory finish look. A red light on the On/Off toggle switch indicates when the Baja Designs Stealth XPG LED bar is on.

We really like our off-road LEDs from Baja Designs. At first we weren’t sure if we would be sorry for not going the HID route. Many of our friends run HIDs, so we know they’re really bright and work great off-road. After running the Stealth LED bar for a few weeks, taking some off-road trips and testing them on different terrains both at day and night, we can sincerely say that we made the right choice.

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We like using the dust light mode (50% power) during the day when traveling on a dusty roads or in areas where we suspect on-coming traffic. Sometimes the trail is only wide enough for one vehicle, so giving others a “heads-up” is always good practice.

We are blown away by how much light the Stealth LED bar puts out, considering its compact size. The low-profile design makes it a perfect match for those limited on space or that don’t want to parade a big light display on their bumper or roof. Most of the time you can’t even tell they’re there. Ours blend right into the bumper and grill line.

We can’t believe how much light these little LEDs give off. They really pack a punch with no sharp cut-offs or hot spots. They will make your off-road rig glow!

We’ve learned that LEDs give more of a glowing light that works great for illuminating all around you. Most racers will run a combination of LED and HID. For our overlanding and off-road adventures, the LED bar is more than enough. We really wanted to keep things low profile, so the LED light bar was perfect. Plus it does very well at speeds less than 100 mph off-road, where most 4x4s and Jeeps live on the trail.

The difference is amazing! Factory halogen lighting (left), Baja Designs Stealth 20 LED bar (right).

We’ve had the Baja Designs Stealth XPG LED bar in freezing temperatures up in the Sierra Nevada mountains, the lowest point in the US (Badwater, Death Valley), and completed a five-day expedition with no failures. The polycarbonate lenses show no damage from rocks being shot up on the trail.

We are very pleased with the Baja Designs Stealth XPG LED bar and highly recommend it!

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