2017 Acura MDX Caught During Testing

Mar. 09, 2016 By Josh Burns, Photos by Glenn Paulina/KGP Spy Photography

The Acura MDX SUV leans closer to the luxury side of the market and yet it’s not so fancy to get dirty from time to time. Acura has teased us with the 2017 MDX, but this is the first time we’ve seen it testing.

This prototype MDX shows us Acura’s new “Precision” design language, which is applied to the face of this revised MDX prototype. The old Acura and its signature front end “beak” design is officially on the way out.

Up to now, Acura has said the MDX will feature “substantial design enhancements,” which we equate to being an major facelift but not a total redesign. This prototype supports that notion, as the SUV sports a covered  front-fascia but maintains the same basic design aft of the A-pillar.

Acura refers to “powertrain enhancements” for the new MDX but the company has not supplied any details. The revised exhaust setup and rear bumper modifications tells us this model is sporting some power train updates, but we can’t confirm any changes.

The new MDX will be unveiled at the New York Auto Show, so for now this is the only chance to see it running.

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