10 Off-Road Mods Under $100 Bucks!

Sep. 10, 2014 By Jaime Hernandez

10 Off-Road Upgrades Under $100

Servicing your vehicle with quality oils and grease can really make a difference. Some lubricants are specifically designed for higher temperatures and extreme off-road use.  Higher viscosity and synthetic properties help these fluids perform better in extreme conditions, surpassing conventional oils. Your engine, transmission, transfer case and differentials can all benefit from quality oils. Other key suspension components like ball joints, tie rods, A-arms and control arms should all be serviced with quality grease if they have zerk fittings. Letting them run dry will lead to premature failure. The same can be said for U-joints and wheel bearings. Polymers, synthetics and other advanced lubricants have really come a long way, making them cheap insurance on the go.

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Off-Road lighting adds visible style to your vehicle with the ability to illuminate the night.  This type of auxiliary lighting is designed to add further reach and wider spread than your factory headlights. They are specifically designed for off-road use and provide the driver with greater visibility at night, in dusty conditions or inclement weather. Most off-road lights can be angled to shine the light where you need it most, combining spot and flood light patterns. The most economical lighting option is Halogen, but LED is becoming more affordable every day. Some of the off-road lighting companies to look at are Hella, Piaa, KC HiLites, Pro Comp, Rigid, Vision X, and Baja Designs.

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