XUV For the New Chevy Avalanche

Aug. 01, 2002 By ORC STAFF

August 2002

Chevrolet's distinctive new Avalanche is touted for its multi-purpose functionality, and SNUGTOP brings it to the next level with the “XUV” cap. The uniquely styled cap is a perfect compliment to the Avalanche's bold lines, and it gives the vehicle an “SUV-like” appearance. It's clearly the “finishing touch!” The “XUV” cap has been embraced by Chevrolet and is licensed by General Motors Corp. It is available through Chevrolet dealers nationwide.

The cap incorporates a built-in roof rack with husky 2" tubular rails. A number of accessory devices are available for the rack, which can be used to carry bicycles, skis, snowboards, etc.

Important technical features of the SNUGTOP “XUV” include 1-piece reinforced fiberglass construction, a form fit over the clading-covered bed rail, and a finish to match factory colors using the DuPont Chroma Premier basecoat/clearcoat process.

Other key attributes of the SNUGTOP® “XUV” cap include a special drain channel that diverts the flow of water when the tailgate door is open, an integrated LED third brakelight, and a rotary latch locking system.

For additional information about the “XUV” cap and other SNUGTOP® fiberglass caps & tonneau covers, call SNUGTOP at 562-432-5454 or visit the firm's website: http://www.snugtop.com/.


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