Truggy Pre-Runner: Another Stewart's Raceworks Creation

Oct. 05, 2011 By Jaime Hernandez
Stewart’s Raceworks Truggy Pre-Runner.

Get ready to launch into the dirt behind the seat of a Truggy. That’s right—Truggy. Part truck, part buggy. This morphed desert machine is rare, but if you’re lucky enough, you may catch a glimpse of one racing through the desert.

As some of you may recall, we did a feature on the TSCO Ford Raptor Luxury Pre-Runner that Stewart’s Raceworks built earlier this year. Craig and his crew know how to build amazing off-road vehicles, so when the opportunity presented itself we had to check his Truggy out.

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The Truggy concept is smart—independent front suspension and a solid rear axle for added wheel travel. Stewart incorporates the latest design technology and successfully fuses the toughness of a Trophy Truck with the agile characteristics of a Class 1 buggy.

Riding in a Raceworks Truggy makes the harshness of the desert disappear. It shares many of the same suspension components as the Raceworks Luxury Pre-Runner, making it one plush desert ride. 

Craig runs an LS2 Redline-tuned crate motor backed by a Culhane-built 4L80 transmission, which is plenty of power to make the Truggy come to life.  The drivetrain has been strategically placed further back on the chassis to create a balanced 50/50 weight distribution—much like a sports car.

The open cockpit gives the Truggy a completly different look and feel than a pre-runner truck.  Some people prefer the freedom this design offers. One of those people is Sherrie Stewart, Craig’s wife.  “You feel more like when you’re racing … you feel the speed, and with the lower profile, you can slide into the corners full throttle and know you’re not going to roll over.”

This is the third Truggy Stewart has build for Sherrie and himself. Sherrie likes the luxury pre-runners her husband builds, but she has a special preference for the Truggy. 

Let’s take a closer look at what makes the Stewart’s Raceworks Truggy so unique.

All the chassis and suspension parts are 3D modeled and laser cut for accuracy. The front of the Raceworks Truggy features A-arm suspension that cycles 26#. To help control that massive wheel travel, each corner is fitted with Fox 3.0 bypass and 3.5 coil-over shocks.

The cockpit features a custom carbon-fiber dash by Fiberwerx with Livorsi gauges, MoMo steering wheel and Art Carr shifter. A cushy set of MasterCraft Seats in the front and a MasterCraft rear bench for those brave enough to go on Mr. Stewart’s “wild ride.” For additional comfort and protection, a full-width windshield and roof are integrated into the body.

The rear of the Truggy houses a Pro-Am rear end with Gear Works gears, all four-linked by Raceworks for a  whopping 31# of travel. Wilwood brakes mounted on Pro-am hubs make sure the 39-inch BFG Baja Projects stop or roll on command.

The Raceworks Truggy has plenty of candlepower: two high-powered LED light bars hug the front of the grill, along with five powerful Baja Designs Soltek off-road lights mounted on the roof. To keep the juice flowing, a high-output alternator supplies the network of wires harnessed together by HP Wiring.

The rooftop-mounted light bar can be adjusted from the driver seat with the flip of a switch. Two full-size 39-inch BFG Baja Projects ride in the back of the Truggy, along with a 65-gallon Harmon Racing fuel cell for those long desert trips.

The Raceworks tube chassis is finished off with powder coat from ECP, and then it is skinned with a custom fiberglass body by Fiberwerx. Straight Edge Designs sprayed the eye-catching paint job.

To keep things cool, a Ron Davis Radiator is strategically mounted on the Truggy along with trans heat exchanger and oil cooler. Twin air inlets on each side of the body ensure a steady flow of cool air.

The Stewart’s Raceworks Truggy can comfortably seat four adults; five if you’re on a hunger strike.

The Stewarts spend a lot of time in Plaster City—just 95 miles outside of San Diego, CA. This popular area is the testing ground for many top off-road race teams in Southern California.  “Craig knows the area like the back of his hand” says Sherrie. “I pile in my girlfriends and Craig takes us on a wild ride.”

She adds, “you’ll think you’re about to go one way and suddenly he’s pulling a 180 and us girls are screaming and laughing our asses off at the same time. I’m sure Craig would tell you there’s nothing like making a car full of chicks scream.”

Lucky guy.

We’ve been out with Craig to Plaster City, and Sherrie is not exaggerating. The man can drive and will make even a bunch of rough-n-tough dudes scream like little school boys. 

Check out this video of Craig Stewart’s Truggy in action.

Video compliments of Pinned Productions

If you’re in the market for a quality Truggy or pre-runner, make sure you check out Stewart’s Raceworks. Their off-road vehicles will not disappoint.

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