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Oct. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Stinger Accessories in Phoenix, Arizona is one of the few aftermarket vendors for the HUMMER. Their reputation for quality products preceeds them. wanted to meet the people, see the products, and get the story behind Stinger.

About Stinger

Mark Kincart is a HUMMER owner, involved with the HUMMER community. One night, around the campfire, a few guys like Terry McClannahan, Brad Morris, and Mark are relaxing after a day on the trail, filled with ideas of what accessories they would like to add but lamenting about the fact that nobody makes quality products for the HUMMER. The seed was sown.
That's the story behind the creation of Stinger as told to be by the owner, Mark Kincart. He wanted to create accessories that look as tough as HUMMER and perform like a HUMMER. Sick of products that break or just don't fit well, he has built Stinger into a company that makes "The World's Most Serious Accessories" for "The World's Most Serious 4x4." While still heavy into custom made products, they now also resell other off-road products. Almost every item in the catalog is on the Christmas list for every serious HUMMER owner.
Nothing gives you the best impression of a product than feeling it with your hands. While I was at Stinger, I almost gave myself a hernia as I tried to examine the D-Ring Brushguard. While it is obviously massive looking, I didn't really expect how massive it really is. Made up of almost 50 feet of 2" and 1.75" tubing, 1/8" thick, with 1/4" thick box steel supports, it is much heavier than it looks. The D-Ring Brushguard is Stinger's signature piece and biggest seller. It is so unique that Stinger holds a patent on the design.
The quality of materials and workmanship extend to all of the other custom made pieces. The full length roof rack is 7 feet wide and 14 feet long. It does not come in pieces that are bolted together. Instead, it comes as one huge welded assembly for the highest strength possible. The Tire Carrier is made of double tubing. The customer will never see it but it's there "just in case." Need I continue?
However, the most impressive feature of Stinger is its customers. I have never met or heard of a customer that has walked away unhappy. Stinger stands behind their products 100%. If something isn't right, isn't as tough as expected, or just doesn't look good, Stinger sends a replacement or refund. Don't take my word for it. Owner's have their own pages saying how much they like the service at Stinger.
  • Hood Snubbers - polyurethane "bumpers" to secure and guide the hood.
  • Short Snorkel - air intake extension with precleaner.
  • Fuel and Water Cans - 5.28 gallon, German made metal cans. Newsletter
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