Review: Rugged Ridge X-Clamp

Feb. 16, 2015 By Jaime Hernandez

Adding off-road accessories to your roll cage or steel tube bumper has never been easier. With the new Rugged Ridge X-Clamp there is no need to grind, weld, paint or powder coat to add tabs. All you do is clamp and tighten four allen bolts for a fast, secure mounting base that works on round tube ranging from 1 to 2.5 inches in diameter. Some good uses we’ve found for the X-Clamp include mounting off-road lights, CB antennas, safety whips, even HD cameras.

We recently tried out a set of the large and small Rugged Ridge X-Clamps and found them to be very functional and easy to use. They’re a great alternative to welding tabs and have a very unique design that allows for a snug fit. They also work great if you’re experimenting with different locations to add a permanent mounting tab or looking for creative camera angles.

The X-Clamp by Rugged Ridge comes in two sizes and is available in a black or silver powder-coat finish.

The Rugged Ridge X-Clamp is made from lightweight aluminum and can be used on a wide variety of truck, Jeep, UTV and tube chassis applications. Initially introduced in a 2 to 2.5-inch diameter clamp, the newest small X-Clamp is designed to work with 1- to 1.5-inch round tube, adding even more mounting possibilities.

The X-Clamp mount tab features a 1/2-inch hole, perfect for mounting safety flags, antennas, HD cameras and more.

Here is an overview of how easy the Rugged Ridge X-Clamp is to install and mount on most any round tube found on your off-road vehicle. The best part: It’s not permanent, so you can move or adjust as needed.

The first thing you want to do when installing the X-Clamp is disassemble the front and back of the clamp by loosening the jam nuts, and then remove the four bolts and eight jam nuts.

Next you’ll need to determine the correct orientation to mount the X-Clamp by holding the front and back of the clamp to the round tube. The X-Clamp pieces can be rotated 90 degrees to make sure you get a snug fit.

The X-Clamp comes with three bolt lengths to accommodate different diameter tubing.

Once the correct bolt length is determined, the X-clamp can be attached to tube by gradually tightening all bolts evenly in an “X” pattern. Jam nuts are used for larger diameter tubing in conjunction with longer bolts.

Once the X-Clamp is secure, the provided mounting tab can be added. A nice feature on the tabs is the four raised guides that help secure and keep it from spinning. 

The Rugged Ridge X-Clamp is available paired with or without Rugged Ridge’s 3-inch LED driving lights. If you’re looking to add some off-road lighting power, the Cube matches up nicely. The 16-watt LED Cube features a driving beam pattern that uses four CREE diodes with 30,000-hour life.

The X-Clamp starts at $29.99, making it an affordable solution for adding tabs to your off-road vehicle without the need of welding or refinishing the tube. They’re durable and can add unique styling to your truck, Jeep or UTV. 

Rugged Ridge
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