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Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Casey Lofthouse reviews the Rocky Road Coil Lift Kit Rocky Road Outfitters' Bushwhacker Flares Rocky Road Outfitters polyurethane transfer case Shifter Sheet 6.1 transfer case Sumo Gears from Asian Auto Parts of Arizona. ARB Air Lockers are also available for Sidekicks, Trackers and Vitaras. Adam Leach installs one from Rocky Road Outfitters in the Sidekick third member of his full floater rear axle. Bill Johnston reviews Rocky Road Outfitters' CJ Springs Installation Kit Mods to an X-90? You bet! Built on the same chassis as a short wheel-base Sidekick, this is a very off-roadable little vehicle. Geoff Beasley lifts the X-90 using Old Man Emu suspension from Rocky Road Outfitters. Is driving your Samurai an example of finding the longest distance between two points? Wander got ya down? Check out OME's beefy steering stabilizer from Rocky Road Outfitters. Pork Barrel Engineering's Line Lock Kit is a great trail addition! A flick of the switch locks up all four brakes for great trail holding power. Flying Object Damage can cause injury. Asian Auto Parts of Arizona's steel flashlight bracket provides accessibility while keeping that light in one spot. Swamper off-road performance and on-road performance in the same tire? Interco's Super Swamper SSR for all-around use! Canyon States Components' Wrangler Spring and Shackle Reversal Conversion can mean major additional articulation. Big new meats can mean big suspension interference. Custom back-spaced US Wheels from Rocky Road Outfitters can solve this common problem. Rocky Road Outfitters' Windshield Fold Down Kit restores the option the Suzuki forgot. Petroworks' custom-designed high performance clutch is just what you need for positive power transfer in your rig. Rocky Road Outfitters' new SuperBeef reinforced long t-case arm gets a work-out by Off-Road's Bill Johnston. Tuffy recently released their first product for a Suzuki--the Samurai Center Console--and had the first opportunity to test it. Spidertrax has been hard at work for several years designing a bolt-on panhard bar kit for the Suzuki Samurai and their diligence has finally paid off. Spidertrax takes Suzuki product design way too seriously with their new battery tie-down kit. finds that it's not just bulletproof, but also a work of art! After the annual Suzuki Rubicon trip, Rocky Road Outfitters designed a stronger transfer case mount bushing kit to cure an all-too-common problem. A well-designed luggage rack for your Samurai that sits above the spare tire without interfering with the tailgate. We tested Rocky Road Outfitter's GotZuk Trail Rack on the Rubicon and found out why Jeepers love them. Accompanying Adam Leach on this year's "Suzukis on the Rocks" trip through the Rubicon was the new Spidertrax Full Floating Rear Axle. Suzuki gear for your wrist from Rocky Road Outfitters! Geoff Beasley installs Trail Tough Products Extended Slip Yoke Drive Shafts in Project Buster. Project Suzushi gets a Petroworks Cargo Rack. Woo-Hoo! Now I can bring *all* my stuff on the trail. The Spidertrax Rear Disc Brake Kit goes on Project Suzushi, and we finally learn how to really stop. The Spidertrax E-Brake Kit is the ticket for making sure your truck stays where you left it. Spidertrax Brake Line Kits take the fabrication work out of a rear disk conversion. Project Buster gets new seats, using Hawk Strictly Suzuki's Suzuki Esteem Seat Adapter Kit. Geoff Beasley fixes that bump steer once and for all with Higher Heights Off-Road's Z-Bar Eliminator. Adam Leach tries out new machined billet aluminum 2" (overall added track) Spidertrax Wheel Spacers. Geoff Beasley installs Wheeler's Off Road Deluxe Bumper Kit for a cool new front bumper. Spidertrax' billet aluminum shifter knobs are available from Rocky Road Outfitters. Suzuki Tech Co-Editor Geoff Beasley shows you the goods! John Gehring installs Rocky Road Outfitters' Keltec Trim Panels. These rugged ABS panels look great and instantly replace those rotting vinyl ones. Geoff Beasley solves the t-case mount blues with a newly designed reinforced T-Case Mounting Arm from Mild to Wild Suzukis. Rick's design looks like a winner to us! Rocky Road Outfitters offers new Spidertrax Birfield Rings that could save you from a nasty breakdown on the trail. Adam Leach reports. Improve your night vision! IPF lights from Rocky Road Outfitters are just the ticket. Tired of doin' the "Popeye Workout"? Petroworks Power Steering Kit will let you steer with ease. Rugged, winch-capable and good looking, the ARB Bull Bar is a great addition to your truck. Rancho In-Cab Control Kit goes in as part of Project Suzushi. If you have RS-9000s, you need this kit. Cote-L Distribution Company's Durabak - This tough liner was a breeze to install and looks great Doug Thorley Header - A well constructed smog legal header for your Samurai ProLink Electrical Components - David Levy Corporation's components for electrical distribution. Wildflower Productions' Topo! - computer-aided USGS topographic maps. Petroworks’ Spring Over Axle Kit - lift and improved articulation. Calmini's Shackle Reversal Kit - a staple in Jeep lifts comes to the Samurai. CNC Brake/Clutch/Gas pedals - from's VW page.
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