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May. 01, 2004 By Tim ""Desertbull""
Engineered to be completely functional in the dirt

Portland, Oregon: The ORC Dodge Ram affectionately known as, "The Desert Tank," recently made the trip from Southern California to the Pacific Northwest city of Portland, Oregon in search of the latest in extreme winch bumpers. Manufactured from 3" inch mandrel bent steel tubing, the Off Road Tech, Inc. bumpers are the latest in high-strength cutting edge technology.

Off Road Tech, Inc. founder - Kris Barr invited us to Oregon for a first hand look at what it takes to engineer and fabricate extreme winch bumpers. Debuted to the off-roading industry insiders at the 2000 SEMA show, Off Road Tech, Inc. bumpers are already a huge hit throughout the United States. Weighing in at a featherlite weight of 185 pounds and engineered to withstand the harshest of environments, the CNC laser cut steel is of beautiful quality. Developed for domestic trucks and using a computer assisted design process, there is no doubt to ORC staffers that these bumpers are built to work hard in the off-road world and survive the toughest circumstances. ORC has plans to put Off Road Tech, Inc. front and rear bumpers through the test and although we've already covered some 8000 miles, including 1000 miles of off-road abuse on the Baja Peninsula, you'll have to wait until next month for the complete results! Let's just say Off Road Tech, Inc. rocks the Baja Peninsula!!!

Upon our arrival to the Off Road Tech, Inc. shop in Portland, Oregon the boys got right to working hard on The Desert Tank. Within minutes they had the old bumpers off and were preparing the frame for mounting of the new front and rear bumpers.

Offroad Tech, Inc., designs and manufactures custom products for off road 4x4 vehicles. They have over 20 years of experience in the fabrication and off road industries.

All products and parts are developed using a computer assisted design (CAD) process along with rigorous real-world testing, which results in products that provide the ultimate in form, quality, appearance, and durability. Our products are intended for the off-road enthusiasts who want to improve the functionality and appearance of their vehicle via an easy to assemble procedure.

No doubt we put our truck into some of the most remote and harsh terrains in North America throughout the year and we use our winch regularly. So matched with one of the most extreme bumpers on the market, it was easy to see the match between The Desert Tank and the Off Road Tech, Inc. extreme winch bumper!

This bumper comes complete with light tabs as ordered for whichever off-road light you utilize. Besides our three Hella HID lights, we also run two additional driving lights for legal use on the highway. Off Road Tech, Inc. incorporates easy mounting brackets.

The winch is not completely functional as now we are able to easily access the winch options when desirable. Previously, we had difficulty utilizing the winch operations due to constrained are beneath the bull bars. Using well placed and custom powder coated lightweight

And what we've long been waiting to see was the latest addition to The Desert Tank. This CNC laser cut and CAD designed Off-Road Tech, Inc. bumper is a leader in cutting edge technology. Lightweight and functional were the first things that ORC staffers were excited about!
Oregon Motorsports guru-Kris Barr runs the superbly immaculate off-road fabrication shop in Portland, Oregon. Whether you're blasting in the sand of the Northwest or raging in the deserts he does it all.
Portland Powder Coating, Inc. rocks the northwest!!! - Off Road Tech, Inc only uses the best powder coating in the Pacific Northwest. Portland Powder Coating, Inc. completed the powder coat process on The Desert Tank's new bumpers in only one day...excellent service with the best in quality!!! Visit them and their 36,000 square foot business when you're in the Portland, Oregon area or visit them at

Portland Powder Coating Capabilities & Equipment:


Part sizes up to 29' long x 9.5' wide x 9' tall

4 powder booths

3 Nordson Versa Coat Powder Modules

6 JBI Powder Modules

2 Batch Ovens 20'x 6'x 7'

1 Batch Oven 30' x 10' x 9.5'

1 Automated Spindle Coating System

1 Pollution Control Burn-Off Oven (stripping)

6 Stage Steel Pretreat Line - iron phosphate

7 Stage Aluminum Pretreat Line - phosphate or chromate

36,000 Square Feet Warehouse

Full Service In-House Sandblasting

Light Manufacturing and related services

Pick-Up and Delivery in the Tri-County Area (Portland, OR)

Computer Scheduling

Fitted with three Hella HID this bumper has all the options off-road adventurers ever desired. Visit them at
Once the rear bumper was bolted in place, the boys moved to the front. Off-Road Tech, Inc. owner - Kris Barr had the Warn #12,500 Electric winch and the Hella HID lights installed quickly and the boys jumped right in the action

Once the front bumper was bolted into place with Grade 8 mounting bolts, he gave it the once over and the boys completed the job. It didn't take the boys more than an hour to get the front bumper off and replace it with the latest in extreme winch bumpers - Off Road Tech's masterpiece. They make bumpers for all all domestic trucks. Be sure to visit them at
Off Road Tech, Inc. president Kris Barr was seen washing The Desert Tank after the installation of the Off Road Tech bumpers. In all of our many times at fabrication shops over the past five years, the only other person that washed The Desert Tank was Roger Willis, the general manager at the Robby Gordon Off Road Shop in Anaheim, California! We had made the long 1000-mile trip to Portland in the pouring rain and The Desert Tank was deserving of a good wash job. Much thanks to Kris!!!
The Off Road Tech, Inc. crew!!!

Immediately after the installation we headed south to Southern California to pickup crew members for the next road trip and the following day we started a 7500 mile road trip.

We headed to Vernal, Utah for the UROC Pro-National Series rock crawl where we got our first chance to hook up the winch bumper to another vehicle. Of course, it was towing a Ford out of the sand.

After a week in Vernal, Utah we cut through Colorado and headed into the high-country for some snow play but found much of the snow already melted. The same day we arrived to Moab, Utah for the Easter Jeep Safari and spent a few days exploring with the crowds of Jeeps. One evening we were cruising downtown and saw another white Dodge Ram with athe same bumper! We pulled over in search of this look alike truck, but we were unsuccessful!

And then we were off to the Baja Peninsula where we completed a 2500-mile trip that included 1000 miles of harsh off road travel! Watch for next months feature about how Off Road Tech conquered Baja!!!

Off Road Tech conquers Baja...check back next month for the entire story!!!
Here we are 500 + miles south of the border on Malarimmo Beach on the Tortugas Peninsula driving on the beach. With the closet recovery assistance over 275 miles away, the Off Road Tech, Inc. extreme winch bumper has to work to perfection in the extraction of a beach buried beast. More to follow...

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Kris Barr


Portland Powder Coating, Inc.
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