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Jan. 01, 2003 By ORC STAFF

Springville, Utah -- Molten Image Design is a bold new company that is stepping forward with a whole new specialty automotive products line that provides an individual or a company with a revolutionary new medium to express themselves or their personality through custom cast bolt on products. They are located at 1575 W. 1600 S. Springville, Utah. Facilities include 2,500 square feet of shop space for production and 1,300 square feet of offices for design work. The company incorporated in February of 2002.

STAINLESS 303- Each design is unique into its self. Using stainless steel 303 for the ultimate in durability and quality, Molten Image Design has not cut any corners on the manufacturing process. They make covers for any type of vehicle and they specialize in all off-road vehicles. If you want to stand out, check them out soon.

Molten Image Design- Differential covers were the first product cast by Molten Image Design (MID) indeed, the idea of a sculpted diff' cover was the foundation of the company. Initial design started with three covers: Out of Hell, the Screaming Demon, and King Kong. These designs were molded and cast, and three more designs were sculpted in time for Easter Jeep Safari 2002 in Moab, Utah: Rockcrawler, Ram's Skull, and Ghost in the Machine. Ghost was a milestone as the first cover to be submitted and accepted by an outside artist. All the designs mentioned here are currently in production. Other designs in the line are; Kodiak, Wolf, Rattle Snake, Grizzly, American Flag, American Flag with Eagle, Rebel Flag, Godzilla, Skull and X-Bones, and our version of Have a Nice Day.

Each year, vehicle enthusiasts seek more extreme, more unique, and more visible customized aftermarket parts. With specialty automotive products being a $24.86 billion dollar a year industry, Molten Image Design’s custom car, truck and motorcycle products fill a HUGE market demand and blow the concept of customized vehicle parts beyond the cutting edge by creating incredible and desirable products. Our goal is to provide the everyday car, truck, and motorcycle enthusiast a way to express their individuality through unbelievable products simply by ordering them at their favorite parts retailer

SCREAMER- This should be covering the Differential of every Glamis rocket sand rail at the dunes. Imagine the look on the faces of the spectators at Oldsmobile Hill when you lift off and blaze a trail up the hill with this Diff cover mounted.Recently, some girl named "Hot Chick" left this same impression on a buddy of Robby Gordon's vehicle. She screamed all the way up the hill!!!

Aftermarket Designs- Molten ImageDesign has a well-planned combination of products and services. Our current product line includes differential covers, valve covers, air cleaner covers, shift knobs, hitch receiver plugs, grill inserts and complete customization packages. We will soon be adding our custom motorcycle parts to our expanding list of products. These products come in a variety of finishes; patinas, powder coating, high polish finishes and custom paint. Some products can have LED lights added to increase the desired effect.

Essentially, any bolt on component of a truck, car, or motorcycle that a person desires to customize, we can customize it. Our services go hand in hand with these products in that we can take any automobile or motorcycle and completely customize each desired component to match the others, interior and exterior, including the paint job and wheels. A design service and a one-stop location are crucial to providing our customers with every possible alternative.

Lean and mean, this creature of the dinosaur age may be right for your truck.
Nothing like a "wild hog" barking at your competition.
This grizzly means business. Set up for the big boy trucks this bear rages.
You can create any customization you want on your hitch reciever plug.

Our current products are cast in 303 stainless steel for durability and quality. Because our designs are cast, not cut or stamped, they are three-dimensional sculptures with incredible depth and detail. The designs are made to fit almost all vehicle makes and models. Because of our manufacturing process, we are not limited in our ability to customize our products to suit a particular customers wants. In addition to the current designs we offer, our artists can create virtually anything a customer can imagine-making true customization a reality!

COMPETITION HILL- f you're a sand slayer and you cruise the dunes, then this is up your alley. Bumping down Vendor Row with your sick looking differential cover or blazing up Competition HIll at Spring Break, call Molten Image Design at 866.489.7287 and prepare to slay some sand.
MANY DESIGNS- This company pushes the limits like you push the limits pushing the speed up the hill. Do you play within in the rules? Molten Image Design pushes the limits with their creative custom designs. Bring them your ideas and turn your 4x4 into a dirt/sand eating machine. If you rage in the dunes or the dirt, you deserve to show your rig off the right way. Molten Image Design is located in Springville, Utah close to the Jeep off-roading zone in Moab, Utah.

Molten Image Design is pushing the limits of what the aftermarket industry thought was possible. We have raised the bar for vehicle customization by providing products that truly show off your personality. If you can imagine it, we can make it!

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