Flashlight Clamps

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Having dead batteries in a flashlight is annoying, but that is not nearly as bad as when those silly plastic flashlight holders break. While rechargeable flashlights have been around for a long time, no one seems to have ever been able to design a decent flashlight holder, till now.

aapaflash03.jpg (39018 bytes)My flashlight is an important tool that I keep in my Samurai at all times. I like it to be within arm's reach, and loaded with fresh batteries. I have a regular flashlight with rechargeable batteries, so that means I am taking out my flashlight to recharge the batteries just as often as I am taking it out to use it. This normal use has broken so many of those plastic holders that it is not even funny. It does not mater how many times the design of the plastic clip has been changed, they still end up breaking on me. So when my buddy tossed me a pair of steel flashlight clamps that he picked up from Asian Auto Parts Of Arizona, I accepted them with open arms.

aapaflash05.jpg (36899 bytes)aapaflash07.jpg (34252 bytes)These slick black clamps are made by Tom Picard, a Suzuki off-road enthusiast from Arizona. They are constructed from quality spring steel with a black vinyl coating that helps protect the flashlight's finish. Don't worry about the flashlight becoming jarred loose because these clamps really lock down hard on the D-Cell type MagLites. They are great for keeping flashlights in an easy accessible place in a car, truck or home. They install very easily and can be placed just about anywhere. They have no problem clamping down on the large four or five D-Cell MagLites, and they can even be used on your run of the mill D-cell military and other generic style flashlights.

aapaflash01.jpg (30139 bytes)When hopping in someone's truck, it is always easy to be impressed by the big ticket items that gleam in the sun saying “look at me, look at me”. While this is all fine and dandy, it is the little things like these flashlight clamps that really detail the thought that someone put into the build-up of their vehicle. I am very happy to have added this product to my vehicle, especially since theses will be the last pair I will ever have to have for my truck.

--Adam Leach

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