Double Trouble Tow Hook

Dec. 01, 2005 By Mike Lyon

For Immediate Release

Ever needed to pull out a truck that is buried in the mud or sand and wanted a simple and safe place to hook the tow strap? Well the Double Trouble is the answer!

The Double Trouble is a square piece of metal that fits into your receiver hitch and has 2 hooks welded on the end. We have seen many people use the tow ball to connect a tow strap to. While this does work, it is not the safest thing as the strap can pop off the ball under heavy load and cause some serious damage. With the dual hooks, rated at 10,000 pounds each, there is no chance of the tow strap popping off.

Bob Temple is the creator of the Double Trouble hooks. He has been off-roading since the 1950’s. Bob tells us he was out in an old suburban one day and got stuck 10 feet from the top of a steep hill. A friend of his was at the top of the hill and had a winch, but the only thing he was able to connect to were the spring shackles since there are no tow hooks under the bumper like on the newer trucks. After this incident, Bob bought a couple standard bolt-on tow hooks and was going to add them to his front bumper for future similar situations. While installing them Bob “had a vision from a higher power” (as he says) and created the Double Trouble hooks. Bob says when the idea hit him he thought it was “Stupid Simple”. In fact he was going to call the Double Trouble hooks “Stupid Simple” but figured it may offend some people and decided on its current name.

The Double trouble hooks come in medium and heavy-duty versions. The medium uses 3/16th” stock and the heavy duty uses ¼” stock. Each hook is milled to fit tight into the square stock. The boltholes in the hooks (where you would normally bolt them to a bumper) have round stock inserted through them and then everything is welded together inside the square tubing. Once the inside is welded the hooks and square tubing are welded together where they meet then a weld is applied to the shafts of the hooks.

Bob offers a limited lifetime warranty on his hooks. If you break one he will replace it free! He says if someone can break it he wa nts to see it to believe it then he will send you a new one. Bob is very confident in his product! The heavy-duty Double Trouble hooks are $42.95 each, which includes shipping.

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