AMP Research PowerStep Running Boards Review

Dec. 16, 2013 By Josh Burns

More AMP Research Truck Solutions

More Truck Solutions from AMP Research
Although the PowerStep is what AMP Research is most known for, the company does offer some other very useful and thoughtful parts for truck owners. While the PowerStep will aid in getting in and out of the truck, AMPís BedStep is designed to help get in and out of the bed of the truck. Utilizing stock frame mounts under the rear bumper, the BedStep is designed to work with or without the tailgate open to offer an easily deployable, non-slip step that will support up to 300 pounds.

The BedStep comes with all the necessary hardware for a quick and easy installation.

Using a bench vice, the hinge/step mount for the BedStep is securely fastened to the frame mount using the included hardware.

The BedStep uses existing bumper mount bolts, which need to be removed before the BedStep is installed.

The BedStep features aluminum alloy components and stainless-steel pivot pins for durability and stability. The maintenance-free, self-lubricated bushings help ensure it will provide great all-weather performance. The non-slip composite step is large enough to two large boots, but small enough to completely tuck out of the way when not in use. The BedStep features easy bolt-on installation and comes with a three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

The BedStep mount is then bolted into the bumper mount holes.

The last piece to install is the actual step itself, which AMP Research says has enough space to fit two full-sized boots when accessing the truck.

When retracted, the BedStep neatly tucks out of the way.

The install for the BedStep is very straightforward and can be done under a half hour (or less). Once installed, the step provides a quick and easy way in and out of the bed for loading gear, whether it be lumber or supplies from Home Depot or dirt bike and gear for a morning ride. The BedStep has a suggested retail price of $211.94.

The AMP Research BedXTender comes in either a silver or black powder-coated finish.

AMP Research also offers an option for more truck bed real estate with its BedXTender HD. This updated version of AMP Researchís previous design provides up to an additional two feet of enclosed cargo area with a truck tailgate down, all while keeping things secured in the bed of the truck. Constructed of lightweight-strong 6063 T6 alluminum alloy tubes, the BedXTender is held together via glass-reinforced nylon composite uprights. Itís available in black or silver powder-coated finishes, and the BedXtender is easily removable when not in use.

When putting the BedXTender together, mark the edges with the supplied 7-inch measuring piece, using tape as a reference point.

Slide the tubes into the open ends of the bent tubes and then connect the two halves, making sure there is at least 3 inches of overlap with the bent tubes on each side.

There are three model options that include the Max, which features a traditional rounded corner design; the Sport, which features a more V-shaped design to work with trucks equipped with some tonneau cover rails; and the Moto, which features a staggered V-shape design for smaller truck beds hauling larger items such as dirt bikes and motorcycles.

After installing the mounting brackets, set the BedXTender into place and adjust each bar so the tapes lines up evenly to ensure a proper fit.

Now itís time to tighten the screws with a torx driver (T-25), starting in the middle, then moving to the outer screws and finishing up with the final two.

After installing the strap buckle insert, the push the buckle insert into the tailgate latch to secure BedXTender and tighten the straps. Pull on the tailgate handle to release the straps.

We installed the Max on our Tundra. Having previously owned a truck with a bed extender, we didnít realize just how much we missed it until using the BedXtender. While it does provide some additional storage space, we found it very useful for added peace of mind when heading out for a dirt bike ride. Even though we have a full-sized bed on our Tundra, our dirt bike would have to be angled properly to fit in the bed with the tailgate closed; if we wanted to just run it straight, the tailgate would need to be down. With the BedXTender, we could just load it straight, toss in our loading ramp, gear and fuel, and not worry about having to tie down every item. While it does provide a little more space, it also provides that security that nothing will go sliding out of the bed. Itís also durable yet lightweight, so even when weíre not using the BedXTender itís easy to just store in the corner of the garage. The BedXTEnder from AMP Research has a suggested retail price of $233.24. For more information about any of AMP Researchís products, check out the companyís website at

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