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Feb. 01, 2006 By ORC STAFF
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Official Results and Photo Gallery

7th Annual Borg-Warner World Championship Manufacturer’s Shootout 1 – Rob MacCachren (No. 21) – Pro 4 2 – Scott Douglas (No. 12) – Pro 4 3 – Curt LeDuc (No. 43)– Pro 4 4 – Scott Taylor (No. 1) – Pro 2 (fastest 2WD overall 5 – Jason Baldwin (No. 66) – Pro 4 6 – Tommy Bradley (No. 210) – Sportsman 2 7 – Kevin Probst (No. 99) – Pro 2 8 – Curt Brasho (No. 8) – Pro 4 9 – Mike Oberg (No. 280) – Sportman 2 10 – Ben Wandohsega (No.297) – Sportsman 2 11 – Jerry Bundy (No. 228) – Sportman 2 12 – Jason Janusz (No. 204) – Sportman 2 13 – Johnny Greaves (No. 22) – Pro 4 14 – Dan Vandenheuvel (No.77) – Pro 2 15 – Ken Kincaid (No. 44) – Pro 2 16 – Steve McCrossan (No.23 ) – Pro 4

  » Congratulations Rob Mac"Crandon," Ford Racing and Borg-Warner!
Borg-Warner Cup LIVE UPDATE: As we predicted; Rob MacCrandon(MacCachren)  of Las Vegas, Nevada, piloting his Trail Master Ford F-150, has won his third Borg-Warner Cup. When the trucks came through turn one, Rob had already moved up to third spot. Remember, the Pro-4's started 80 yards behind the 15 Sportsman 2 and Pro-2 (2WD) trucks. More to come.
  » 2:25 pm (PST) 09.02.01

Borg-Warner Cup: The Borg-Warner cup is a Crandon Offroad Raceway sanctioned event. The driver's had to qualify Friday in the Trail Master Time Trials to have a chance at the $100,000 purse. This race will include Sportsman 2, Pro-2 and Pro-4 teams. The Sportsman and Pro-2 (2WD) teams will have an 80 yard handicap and line up ahead of the Pro-4's (4WD). In just minutes, twenty one trucks will compete for the most coveted trophy in all of off road racing. This event will not be televised on ESPN or Speedvision, you will only be able to get your fix on ORC. Stay tuned!
  » 2:01 pm 09.02.01
Pro-Lite - Round 14 race recap: The No. 36 Fabtech Ford Ranger of Rick Huseman wins for the second time this weekend. This victory coupled with the demise of other front runners in the 'points hunt' has put Huseman second in points with two rounds left in the season.
  » 1:48 pm 09.02.01

Pro-Lite - Round 14 LIVE UPDATE: The No. 36 Ford Ranger of Rick Huseman is pulling away from the pack. Points leader Jeff Kincaid (No. 1) lost the ring and pinion gear in the first lap and has pulled off the course. The No. 34 Nissan of Joe Wutke just lost control and barrel rolled at least four times. He is okay and the safety crew had him off the field before the red flag could fly. Crash Photos!

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Borg-Warner World Championship Manufacturer's Shootout -- The announcers are stirring up the crowd into a frenzy for the Borg-Warner World Championship Manufacturer's Shootout. Though there may be a bit of bias, we'd venture to say that the winner's circle awaits the Ford of Rob MacCachren. Things have been switched up a bit. So with that said, we're turning our heads to the track for the Pro Lite contest.
  » 1:24 pm 09.02.01
Stock Truck - Round 14 race recap -- Mark Kleiman is leading the stock truck contest with one lap to go and appears to be on his way to his ninth win of the season.
  » 1:18 pm 09.02.01
Pro 4 - Round 14 race recap:   Blasting into turn one, MacCrandon's early lead snafued into a pile up, which left all but Adrian Cenni stacked on top of one another like a deck of cards. The race was over. Done. It was a cakewalk by more than 10 seconds. Cenni could have darn-near hopped on the hood and celebrated. But just as in Vegas, when the odds are stacked aganst you, you lay the cash on the card table, hunt down the joker and dish out an ace or two for good measure. The Vegas local did just that. MacCrandon realed Cenni in like a Wisconsin Walleye, gaining at least four seconds on each ensuing lap.

This kicked in the interest of Curt LeDuc who was still in the hunt for a fender. A few laps later. It was a three-wide race for second. First place was still in the hands of Cenni -- barely. He could feel the heat building up from behind. It was a toss up out of every turn, Mac, Duc, Mac, Duc. Jason Baldwin tossed in his best effort. At the final turn, at about the last two laps, the three went into the final turn three wide and wadded it up for a second time, delivering refuge to Cenni's lead. They handed him another 10 or so seconds. The three were wedged against the wall, trying to tear from each other and get back into the game. The three were locked tight, reversing furiously. They backed up in unison. MacCachren made his move for the front, but LeDuc pinched him between the wall and locked him out of the fleet for second. Baldwin was shaved out of the loop. Again, all bets were off. The game was over. Cenni would win.

But again, it ain't over until MacCrandon sings. Again, he hopped on the throttle and overtook LeDuc, and then he set his sights on another Walleye fishing derby. When they're biting, you real'em in. Cenni took the bait and was hooked on an easy win. Wrong. The Desert Mac was in the hunt, his prospect pathetic, his future too far behind for hope, the crowd seemed to have handed in the towel. It was over -- so it seemed to the glazed over and dust scathed eyes of many. Within one lap, Mac cracked the whip and gained enough ground for many to began with the old MacCachren chant. He had gained at least five seconds within that time. Ouch!

The white flag twirled in the wind and some still weren't convinced. The Come Back Kid just can't do it. Less than a minute later, he swept into the long straight and overtook Cenni with no remorse. Sometimes, it sucks to have it all wrapped up and lose it.  He lost it. MacCrandon cruised across the finish, lacking all body panels and in need of a tranny.  His crew is in the pits, swapping one in a fresh tranny right now. Cenni was the only one to cruise into the pits unscathed -- except for the tremendous loss he had just taken.

Baldwin is also in the pits calling on his crew for some assistance. Scott Douglas is changing a tranny. LeDuc is tearing out a T-case and replacing it with a fresh one. In addition, he's got to have his rear end redone and are re-welding his body mounts. Get it from us first. This hasn't even entered the horse's bunny ears much less his mule lips. Adrian Cenni has just clinched a deal with Miller Lite for full title sponsorship. Ouch! This could get interesting. Add a few brews and all he needs now is a few brats, and we'll call it a party.  Congratulations.
Pro-4 - Round 14 race results: 
1.     Rob MacCachren  #21 Ford/BF Goodrich
2.     Adrian Cenni   #11  Chevy/BF Goodrich
3.     Johnny Greaves  #22  Toyota/BF Goodrich
4.     Jason Baldwin  #66  Ford/BF Goodrich
5.     Curt LeDuc  #43  Ford/BF Goodrich
6.     Scott Douglas  #12 Ford/Rancho/BF Goodrich
  » 11:20 am 09.02.01

Pro-4 - Round 14 LIVE UPDATE: CARNAGE. As they headed to turn 1, Adrian Cenni had the hole shot as the rest of the field bottled up behind him. When the dust settled, Douglas, Leduc, MacCachren, Baldwin and Greaves had all lost valuable time to Cenni . MacCacheren who was the third truck back on the road is flying, he has already moved to third.
  » 10:55 am 09.02.01
Pro 2 - Round 14 race recap: Evan Evans won by an inch when in the last turn, Renezeder squeezed inside, he would have won had the course been 10' further. This race is a must see on the ESPN 2 event coverage scheduled to air Oct 27, 2001.
Pro-2 - Round 14 race results: 
1.     Evan Evans #5  Chevy/Goodyear
2.     Carl Renezeder #17 Chevy/BF Goodrich
3.     Scott Taylor  #1  Ford/BF Goodrich
4.     Kevin Probst #99  Chevy/Goodyear
5.     Dan Vandenhuevel  #77  Chevy/BF Goodrich
6.     R.J. Flanagan  #69  Chevy/BF Goodrich
  » 10:45 am 09.02.01
Pro-2 - Round 13 LIVE UPDATE: Evan Evans shot-gunned through the first turn, taking the lead with Carl Renezeder and Scott Taylor sucking up the roost and tight on his tail. The competition just turned into twisted metal and a fender fight. The crowd has awoken to the Bow Tie rivalvary, lifting from their seats. Renezeder is closing in through the turns and Evans is walking away on the straigts. It's push and pull.
  » 10:15 am 09.02.01
Sportsman 2 - Round 14 race recap: Tommy Bradley takes the win...again. This was not the 'walk away' finish we saw yesterday, Bradley made his pass for 1st on the last turn of the last lap. Dan Baudoux (No. 217) had lead every lap of the race when his motor failed and coasted to second place.
Sportsman 2- Round 14 race results: 
1.     Tommy Bradley #210 
2.     Dan Baudoux #217 
3.     Mike Oberg  #280
4.     Jimmy O'neil #255 
5.     Gordon Zima  #228
6.     Sam Konitzer #218 
  » 10:00 am 09.02.01
Sportsman 2 - Round 14 LIVE UPDATE: No. 217 Dan Baudoux is leading the field followed by the No. 280 Mike Oberg. Yesterday's champ Tommy Bradley from Las Vegas, NV is running third and whipping around the track in search of a back-to-back win after yesterday's hallmark performance.
  » 2:30 pm 09.01.01

We will be live again tomorrow for Round 14 of the CORR Exxon Superflo Series from Crandon WI. Wake up to off-road racing action beginning at 10 A.M. PST. Meanwhile, check out Saturday's Photo Gallery.


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Pro-2 - Round 13 race results: 
1.     Scott Taylor  #1  Ford/BF Goodrich
2.     Evan Evans #5  Chevy/Goodyear
3.     Larry Gourlie  #27 Chevy/Goodyear
4.     R.J. Flanagan  #69  Chevy/BF Goodrich
5.     Ryan Andrews  #95 Chevy/Goodyear
6.     Donnie Roberts #19  Ford/BF Goodrich
  » 2:05 pm 09.01.01
Pro-2 - Round 13 LIVE UPDATE: No. 99 Kevin Probst has had the lead until two seconds ago when No.1 Scott Taylor came from nowhere to make a pass in his Ford F-150. No. 17 Carl Renezeder is holding third with No. 5 Evan Evans in fourth.
  » 1:55 pm 09.01.01

Pro-4 - Round 13 race results: 
1.     Rob MacCachren  #21 Ford/BF Goodrich
2.     Curt LeDuc  #43  Ford/BF Goodrich
3.     Adrian Cenni   #11  Chevy/BF Goodrich
4.     Scott Douglas  #12 Ford/Rancho/BF Goodrich
5.     Johnny Greaves  #22  Toyota/BF Goodrich
6.     Jason Baldwin  #66  Ford/BF Goodrich
  » 1:45 pm 09.01.01
Pro-4 - Round 13 LIVE UPDATE: No. 43 Leduc has made it around No. 11 Cenni to take over second. MacCachren is in the lead with a huge margin. Scott Douglas, No. 12, is trying to make up time after being called into the pits for a broken window net. He is currently the fastest on the track with no chance of catching up.
  » 1:40 pm 09.01.01
Pro-4 - Round 13 LIVE UPDATE: No. 21 Rob MacCacheran leads the field. No. 66 Jason Baldwin who broke the track record yesterday is heading to the pits with a flat tire. No. 11 Adrian Cenni is running second but LeDuc is closing fast. 
  » 1:30 pm 09.01.01

Pro-Lite - Round 13 race recap: No. 36 Rick Huseman in his FabTech Ford wins leaving the rest of the field fighting for second place. It looked like Chad Hord was going to capture the spot but in a last lap move by points leader Jeff Kincaid (No. 1), Hord ended up third.
  » 1:20 pm 09.01.01
Pro-Lite - Round 13 LIVE UPDATE: The No. 36 Ford Ranger of Rick Huseman is dominating, leading the field by 20 seconds. Both Jason Crowder and Jimmie Crowder are out of the race with motor problems.
  » 1:00 pm 09.01.01

Sportsman 2 - Round 13 race recap: And the winner is the Defending Champ from Las Vegas, NV., No. 210 Tommy Bradley. After taking the year off, Bradley couldn't pass up the opportunity to defend his title and that he did.
  » 12:24 pm 09.01.01

Super Buggy - Round 13 race recap: In this race we have two winners; No. 916 Corry Heynen and No. 929 Scott Schwalbe. Heynan took the win after race leader Casey Johnson rolled on the front stretch and Schwalbe with his second place finish locked in the 2001 Super Buggy Championship.
  » 11:36 am 09.01.01

Stock Truck - Round 13 race recap: Ford Driver, No. 842 Mark Kleiman continues to dominate the stock truck class winning his 8th race of the season. Kleiman took the lead on the fist lap and never looked back.
  » 10:57 am 09.01.01
Light Buggy - Round 13 race recap: The thirty car field was off to an excitinng start when a crash in turn one red flagged the event for twenty minutes. The driver of the No. 193 car, Chad Dewall, suffered a broken leg in the accident. He is reported to be in good spirits and in route to the hospital. After the restart, the lead changed hands a dozen times, but when the checker flag dropped it was No. 105 Ben O'Connell making the trip to victory lane.
  » 9:00 am 09.01.01

Campfires and Old Glory in the Wind -- The storm clouds of the evening gave way to beautiful blue skies and temperatures expected to climb into the 80s this afternoon, a contrast to the night, which brough temperatures down to the mid-40s and an onslaught of campfires, which were worth their weight in Bratwurst and brew. Practice rounds just gave way, calling the campers from their late-morning slumbers. Groggy-eyed and flushed-faced, spectators are marching through the gates and bellying up to the fence line. Course workers are grooming the track in what’s become the envy of years past. The records of old have been tossed to the wayside. Guys like Jason Baldwin, Rob MacCachren and Scott Douglas, yesterday gave an impressive record-setting performance in the Trail Master Time Trials, the qualifying round for the 2001 Borg-Warner Shootout. Today again, the course conditions are immaculate. Lea Kincaid just finished up with the National Anthem, while Old Glory waved in the cool breeze, and bombs have gone off and music’s kicked in. The green flag just waved and the Outlaw Seven / Class 3 4x4s battling for the lead.
Start nex
  » 3:10 pm 08.31.01
The track records are toast -- Three of the top qualifiers for Sunday's Borg-Warner Cup have broken track the record.  History is inevitable, but the action here at Crandon today is incredible. Desert racers are staking claim to the short-course crowd and sending them away weeping. The No. 66 Ford of Jason Baldwin is atop the charts. He broke the one-hour old record of No. 21 MacCaceran with a time of 1:24.50.  
  » 1:30 pm 08.31.01
The Trail Master Time Trials are about to start. Scott Taylor #1 (Pro 2) will be the first off the line. Rob MacCachren HAS broken the track record for Crandon Raceway posting a time of 1:24.53. The previous record was 1:25.95 held by Jamey Flannery. He currently sits on the pole for Sundays Borg Warner Cup.  
  » 10:30 am 08.31.01
From sunshine to storm clouds on the horizon, regardless of what the weather man says, the rain is inevitable when the racing comes to Crandon. Yesterday, they said it'd be the first weekend that anyone could recall where rain wasn't forecasted. Today, there's a brisk chill in the wind and the storm clouds are calling for the weatherman to eat his words. Check back with us shortly after noon, when we'll have a little somthing for you to peruse through.
  » 11:00pm 08.30.01
Rob MacCachren:
On the verge of domination -- From Baja to Crandon
  From Baja to Crandon, he's on his way to a first in the sport of off-road racing. Transcending the gap between the desert and short-course racing, he's on the verge of four overall points and class championships within four different series'.
  » The Prequal Story
2001 CORR - Crandon, WI Midwest's Racing Triumph
This is Crandon, a blip on the map of America, population 3,500 on any given weekend in the woods. But, that's not the case with the first weekend of September. Some 60,000-plus race fans...

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