Round 10 - Hawley Doubles Up in Bark River

Sunday CORR racing at Bark River

Aug. 13, 2006 By Jeremy Pyatskowit


Light Buggy


Mike VandenHuevel scored his first career win in Light Buggy

Round 8 of the 2006 CORR Midwest Sportsman series started with the Light Buggy division race. At the drop of the green flag, Tra-c Fleischman and Matt Gerald chased Mike VandenHeuvel through the first turn. Gerald struck an unlucky break on the opening lap when the right rear tire on his buggy went flat. Jeff Virnig took advantage of Gerald’s misfortune to make the pass into 3 rd position. Virnig seemed to be hooking up and by lap 2 he had caught Fleischman in the Cemetery Loop passing him to move up to 2 nd. The top 3 changed two laps later when Craig Metz was able to catch up to Fleischman in the Cemetery Loop and pass him taking 3 rd. The next four laps were uneventful among the leaders. The last lap brought out a race for 2 nd. Virnig lost a left front wheel when he turned to head into the Back 40 Loop. Metz in 3 rd was not close enough to take advantage of Virnig’s misfortune and Virnig was able to limp to the line in 2 nd. VandenHeuvel took his first ever CORR win leading from green to checkers. Virnig finished in 2 nd and Metz finished in 3 rd. Metz set the fastest lap with a time of 1:43.446.


Light Buggy Winner


Three wide coming off the Back 40 jump


Stock Truck


Dave Waldvogel leads Keith Steele enroute to the win

The Stock Truck division was the second CORR Race of the day. Jason Bort used his starting position to take the holeshot followed by Rod Wells and Eric Ruppel. In the opening lap, Ruppel passed Wells in the front whoops section to take 2 nd heading back into the Cemetery Loop. In the Loop, Bort spun giving the lead to Ruppel while Dave Waldvogel was able to catch and pass Wells for 3 rd. At the end of the first lap, Bort spun in turn 2 allowing Waldvogel and Wells to advance up a position. On lap 2, Keith Steele took over 3 rd when he passed Wells in the Cemetery Loop. Ruppel suffered mechanical problems on lap three forcing him to pull his smoking truck off the track in the Cemetery Loop giving the lead to Waldvogel. Steele and Don Demeny also benefited moving up a position. The passing among the top three settled down until lap 8 when Scott Beauchamp passed the smoking truck of Demeny heading up the hill to the Cemetery Loop setting the order for the final lap. The top three finished 40 seconds clear of the rest of the field. Waldvogel took the checkers followed by Steele in 2 nd and Beauchamp in 3 rd. Beauchamp set the fast lap of the race with a time 1:42.399.

Stock Truck Winner



Rod Wells leads the field out of the finish line turn


Single Buggy


John Fitzgerald worked through traffic for the win

The Single Buggy race started with several cars involved in a first turn melee. Heather Sullivan, Cissy Baldwin, and Luke Zoetmulder led the field through to the green flag. Zoetmulder held onto to 3 rd through the first lap until the Back 40 Loop where he spun allowing Brett Ellenson to take 3 rd. Ellenson improved his position on lap two passing Baldwin in turn one to take 2 nd. Baldwin came under attack on lap three and lost the battle for 3 rd to John Fitzgerald in the Back 40 Loop. Action among the top three continued on lap four when Ellenson tried a bold move to take the lead from Sullivan in the Back 40 Loop. The move failed to work and gave Fitzgerald the advantage he needed to make the pass for 2 nd. Ellenson lost 3 rd one lap later to Micheal Seefeldt in the Back 40 Loop. Meanwhile at the front, Fitzgerald caught up to Sullivan. Feeling the pressure on lap six, Sullivan slid a little wide in turn 2 opening the door for Fitzgerald and Seefeldt to slide through for 1 st and 2 nd. Sullivan recovered in 3 rd but one lap later Ellenson passed Sullivan to take the 3 rd position. Ellenson’s time in 3 rd didn’t last for full lap. Mark Steinhardt made the pass for 3 rd in turn one to set the final running order. Fitzgerald crossed the line in first followed by Seefeldt in 2 nd and Steinhardt rounding out the top three in 3 rd. Along with the win, Fitzgerald set the fastest lap of the race with a time of 1:38.477.

Single Buggy Winner



Heather Sullivan drives away from the parking lot


Sportsman 2 Truck


Mike Savage was awarded the win after last lap contact by Dan Baudoux

The Sportsman 2 race got underway with Ken Hallgren and Chris Kaiko chasing Ben Wandahsega on the opening lap. Mike Savage started the opening lap on a tear passing Kaiko for 3 rd in the Cemetery Loop and passing Hallgren for 2 nd in the Back 40 Loop. Thngs looked up for Savage on lap two when Wandahsega pulled into the hot pits to change a flat right rear tire giving the lead to Savage. Going into the Cemetery Loop, Hallgren held 3 rd followed by Ross Hoek and Dan Baudoux. Coming over the hill, Baudoux had moved up to 2 nd and Hoek filled 3 rd. Baudoux pulled away from Hoek and closed up on Savage over the next seven laps. Over the next seven laps Savage held off Baudoux until the final lap. Coming up on lapped traffic on the right hand turn into the Back 40 Loop, Baudoux made contact with Savage causing Savage to spin. Baudoux came around to take the checkers with Savage in 2 nd and Hoek in 3 rd. However, the results did not stand. CORR rules mandate review of last lap contact that results in a lead change. Upon completion of the review, Baudoux was penalized back to 5 th position advancing 2 nd through 4 th up a position resulting in Savage taking the win. Hoek finished in 2 nd and Don Williams rounded out the podium in 3 rd. The fastest lap of the race was turned by Baudoux with a time of 1:35.675.

Sportsman 2 Winner



Ken Hallgren got the holeshot but would be sidelined later with mechanical problems


Super Buggy


Aaron Hawley took his Super Buggy to the winner's circle again

In the Super Buggy race, Aaron Hawley repeated his performance from Round 7 taking the holeshot and going on to win leaving the rest of the field to fight for 2 nd. AJ Schmitt held 2 nd into the opening lap followed by Stephanie Krieman in 3 rd. Mason made the pass for 3 rd in the front whoops section getting by Krieman on the inside line heading into the Cemetery Loop. Coming out of the Cemetery Loop, Mason had moved up to 2 nd and Gary Nierop came out in 3 rd. On lap 2, misfortune struck Nierop and his ride began smoking heavily and a fire started forcing him to pull over at the turn to Back 40 Loop. Krieman benefited moving up to 3 rd from 4 th. Four laps later Scott Schwalbe caught up to Krieman going into the Cemetery Loop and emerged with 3 rd place to set the running order for the final three laps. Hawley collected his second win of the weekend. Mason finished in a comfortable 2 nd 38 seconds clear of Schwalbe, who rounded out the podium in 3 rd. Mason set the fast lap of the race with a lap time of 1:32.872.

Super Buggy Winner



Stephanie Krieman ran in the top three for much of the race but ended up fourth for a career best finish in Super Buggy




Carl Renezeder rebounded to take the Pro-2 win

Round 10 of the 2006 CORR series commenced with the Pro 2 class. Travis Coyne took the holeshot and hot on his bumper were Carl Renezeder and Scott Taylor. Coyne led the opening lap but on lap two a flat right rear tire allowed Renezeder to make the pass for the lead in turn one. Early in the second lap at turn three Taylor and Jerry Welchel passed the slowed up Coyne to move up to 2 nd and 3 rd. The top three ran in order until lap six when Taylor spun in the latter half of the lap and Welchel passed him to take over 2 nd. However, Welchel’s time in 2 nd was short lived. On the next lap,Taylor made the pass back for 2 nd in turn one when Welchel got sideways. The top three ran in order over the final three laps and Renezeder took the win never looking back after his pass for the lead on lap two. Taylor crossed the line in 3 rd and Welchel took his 2 nd podium position of the weekend in 3 rd. Along with the win, Renezeder set the fastest lap with a time of 1:31.036.

Pro-2 Winner


Travis Coyne had the holeshot and the lead until a flat tire sent him into the pits




Jeff Kincaid runs side by side wtih Art Schmitt on the first lap

The Pro Lite race started with a flourish. Jeff Kincaid got the holeshot after a wild ride around the outside of turn one. Kincaid got sideways in front of the field and got help getting turned straight again from Art Schmitt. John Marking was unlucky as contact from the rear caused him to spin sideways collecting or slowing up a fair portion of the field. Sneaking through the carnage and emerging in 2 nd and 3rd were Art Schmitt and Chad Hord. Schmitt and Hord ran 2 nd and 3 rd until lap four when Hord caught up to Schmitt going into the Cemetery Loop. Hord made the pass in the loop to move up to 2 nd and putting Schmitt back to 3 rd. Hord chased Kincaid over the final six laps but was unable to get close enough to make a challenge for the lead. Kincaid took the checkers and returned to his winning ways while Hord was forced to settle for 2 nd. Schmitt rounded out the podium with a 3 rd place finish. Hord set the fastest lap of the race with a time of 1:32.551.

Pro-Lite Winner


Casey Currie back underway after a turn 1 roll at the start




Johnny Greaves was back on form in Round 10

The final race of the Pro series Round 10 featured the Pro 4 class. Adrian Cenni led Marty Coyne, Curt LeDuc, and the rest of the field to the green flag. LeDuc kept on Coyne’s bumper and on the opening lap made the pass for 2 nd in the latter half of the lap. Coyned settled into 3 rd for two laps until Johnny Greaves and Josh Baldwin caught up to him heading up the hill to Cemetery Loop. Cresting the hill, Greaves and Baldwin split Coyne and Greaves came away with 3 rd and Baldwin sat in 4 th. Cenni seemed to have an untouchable lead but on lap five a hard landing on the nose over the Hill Jump forced him to pull off in the Back 40 Loop. Greaves and Baldwin moved up to 2 nd and 3 rd while LeDuc inherited the lead. Greaves reeled in LeDuc over the next four laps and made the pass for the lead in the Cemetery Loop. Greaves opened a lead and cruised in for the win. LeDuc held off a charging Baldwin over the final lap to finish 2 nd while Baldwin had to settle for 3 rd. Greaves set the fastest lap of the race and day with a time of 1:27.629.

Pro-4 Winner


Adrian Cenni lead the Pro-4 race early until dropping out of the race after a hard hit off "The Hill"


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