MacCachren Wins Henderson 250, Voss Earns BITD Trick Truck Championship

Dec. 09, 2013 By Art Eugenio,
Jason Voss earned two big wins this year. His fourth-place finish at the Henderson 250 gave him the points championship for the Trick Truck title.

Wind? Rain? Sleet? Snow? At a desert race? Well actually, at an off-road race, anything goes.

The high desert around the Las Vegas is known for much more than where the mob likes to bury their problems. It’s a treacherous combination of desolation and extreme weather. Most people think of hot, dry landscapes when thinking of Nevada, but the reality is extreme cold is at the other end of that spectrum and this weekend’s season ender at the Best in the Desert Henderson 250 was one of those reminders that the cold desert can be just as foreboding.

Rob MacCachren earned the win at the Henderson 250.

Having slammed the door on the competition during qualifying, Justin Lofton took advantage of the pole position and led most of the day until having a few engine issues on the last lap. “We pretty much had it for most of the day,” said Lofton. “The last lap the motor started going away and that is what allowed Rob to catch us, otherwise it was a perfect day. We diced it back and forth a bit but when we got in the big bumps he was able to get away from us. It’s close, now we just wait to see who else makes it in and hope we get that points championship.”

Justin Lofton earned the pole in qualifying and used it to his advantage. Engine trouble slowed him but he still battled with Rob MacCachren for the overall win.

Rob MacCachren showed why he’s the greatest of all time taking yet another class win and the overall. “Jason (Voss) and I had a nice drag race in the beginning, but we were able to get ahead of him,” he said. “I knew he wouldn’t push too hard since I knew he was gunning for that championship. From there we set our sights on Lofton, we caught him at the beginning of lap three out by the quarry and he pulled over and let us by. We thought we got away from him for a bit but about 15 miles later he got back by us. We kept within striking distance since I knew some big holes were coming up and we’d be able to out run him in the big stuff. After we got around him we ran just hard enough to keep him back there until we got to the finish. It was a lot of fun racing out there; it was cold and wet, but fun.”

2013 Henderson 250 Qualifying

Henderson 250 Photo Highlights

Jason Voss

Northern Cali resident Jason Voss of Cupertino capped the year off by sealing the deal on the 2013 BITD Trick Truck Championship after coming in fourth in class unofficially. “We’ve had a great year winning the two biggest races this season with the Parker 425, Vegas to Reno and had good finishes at the others,” Said Voss at the finish. “When we were finished with Protruck, my Dad said let’s do a Trophy Truck. It took a few years to get it sorted out but our guys are very meticulous and prep this race truck as best as it could be. This year we changed a few things, we moved to BFGoodrich tires and King shocks and I think that was a big improvement to our program. Our Kroyer engine package is top notch and supplies us all the power we need to win. Everyone has done a great job and I can’t thank them all enough. This is what it is all about, winning races and winning Championships. Next year we’ll be back for another!”

Ryan Poelman finished second in Trick Truck at the Henderson 250.

Moving into the season lull for the yearend break, BITD has set another exciting year of racing in 2014, with nine events starting with the Parker 250 and closely followed by the legendary Parker 425. Mark your calendars now!

TJ Flores finished third in Trick Truck.

See the full 2014 BITD schedule here.

2013 Henderson 250 Qualifying

Henderson 250 Photo Highlights

At this time only the unofficial results are available.

Trick Truck Top 10 Results
1.     6      Rob MacCachren      3:50:46
2.     62    Ryan Poelman          3:59:01
3.     80    TJ Flores                  3:59:16
4.     35    Jason Voss               4:00:53
5.     46    Troy Vest                  4:05:10
6.     27    Steve Olliges             4:11:35
7.     29    Kevin Lyons              4:20:02
8.     92    Kevin Curtis              4:20:22
9.     84    Nick Vanderwey                4:49:07
10.   83    James W Price          5:03:29

Top 10 Class 1500
1. 1577     Justin Lofton             3:51:25
2. 1589     Jon Walker               4:04:41
3. 1549     Sam Berri                 4:05:15
4. 1553     Ray Griffith               4:06:32
5.1566      Levi Rockhill              4:12:30
6. 1548     Victor Gruber            4:47:25
7. 1535     Greg Foster              4:49:52
8. 1568     Shelby Reid              4:52:36
9. 1562     Ladd Gilbert              4:58:49
10. 1527   CJ Hutchins              5:39:18 Newsletter
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