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Oct. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Hi everybody, here is what the calendar pic choices look so far. Note of course that it can change at any moment. I have only included pics that I have a release for and a negative or slide (or are on the way). I will keep evaluating new ones as they come in and move stuff around. Note too that there are other places for pics to appear. At the bottom are more pics I am still considering.

You will also see pics that are not in the contest. They are others that I have or were sent to me later. In all cases, I have picked what I thought the best balance of pictures. I first went through those that were entered, then filled in with others for the missing months or replaced them if I felt something was superior.

Feel free to send me mail to comment on the choices or make suggestions. That's the whole idea of this page. However, this page is private. Please do not distribute the url yet.

Please check out the cover page. The top image is just a placeholder for now. I am more interested in the lower images. The HUMMER name is a cutout of sand with tire tracks in case it does not come out. Ignore the dotted line (alignment marks). COVER.

Be sure to check out the sample month page too: January


  1. We want action shots over stills. Many people have sent in great shots with great settings. However, I have chosen ones with more action.
  2. Vehicle types - lots of wagons, few 2 door.
  3. color - we what to have some variety here
  4. season - we want to be appropriate. We don't have many good winter shots yet, hopefully we get more.
  5. varied terrain - too many water shots for some strange reason :) No sand amazingly.
  6. quality - kind of obvious. I have adjusted quite a few here already. Please also note that these scans are not the best - real quality is better. A few I just scanned the print.
  7. cropping - some great shots could not fit into the proper cropping frame or looked poor. Most notable is the lack of portrait style.

Months with more than one pic are in the air. Click to see larger picture.


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