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Oct. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
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Click Here for Larger JPEG ImageClick Here for Larger JPEG ImageThese are my 1988 3.9L HJ61 and my 1982 2.9L BJ42 Toyota Land Cruisers.  They are both diesel, and in Europe diesel is more expensive than gas.  I'm from: Principality of Andorra (a very small country in Europe).

My name is Dave Randolph from Wyoming and this is my 1971 FJ40. I bought the Cruiser from my Dad 2 years ago. He bought it back in 1983. It has a 350 Chevy engine in it that my Dad and I installed back in '86, along with Saginaw power steering. I just recently installed a NV4500 5-speed tranny, OME suspension, shackle reversal and 4 wheel disk brakes. I also pulled the tub and had the bottom blasted and coated with the Arma Coat liner, and stripped and painted the frame with POR15. Some other added features are: Aluminum radiator, engine oil cooler, aux fuel tank, Alpine cassette/cd, Rockford Fosgate amp/speakers, Pulsar NX bucket seats, custom center console with Cobra CB. I use it as a daily driver and as my hunting vehicle.

Here is a picture of my 94 RV 80 series L/C I live in Kununurra (W.A.) I decided to go fishing in our wet season in Dec 98 and got drenched and put my car into a ditch of water as well.   Unfortunately, we never caught any Barra at all, but the beer was still cold.  Cheers.  --  Trevor Darcy,  Kununurra (Western Australia)

Good day, eh?  My '77 FJ40 is definitely rough around the edges, and has been a daily driver/sturdy off road friend/work in progress for nigh on 8 years now.  After I fell through the floor driving through a rough pothole near the salty coast of B.C., I decided to remove the rusted body tub.  In '96/'97 I built a pickup cab and flatdeck, and relocated the stock fuel tank aft, below deck.  Metalwork over the past couple of years includes a "straight" pipe exhaust made from the original rollbar, and a solid 50mm pipe cage for the deck to serve as the framework for a future canvas cover.  I reckon it's about due for the next design iteration, which, living in the 'skeg and snow of northern Alberta now, may involve a tandem axle half track conversion...  --  Ryan Papp, Canada

I'm Luis Pages, from Caracas, Venezuela.  This is my 86 FJ62 with Old Man Emu suspension, shackle reversal, rear full floater w/mech locker, front ARB, dual Optima batteries with a Premier Power welder, Warn 12k, also a 9K multi-mount system, Rancho shocks, the prototype INTI Roof Rack designed by me, and  front & rear bumper, Safari snorkel & K&N filter.

I'm Luis Pages and I designed this 1987 FJ70 Soft top for the Venezuelan Army & Toyota of Venezuela. Only one in the world, even TMC didn't know it. Modifications: Steel Hood, Dual tires at the sides, Rancho RS7000 shocks. I designed the entire Spring suspension rear dual stage to hold 1800Kg from the 106 recoiless canon, 6 granades, Military Radio, and 4 passengers, tires were Super Fangeros1(Venezuelan Super Swampers by Goodyear 7.50x16) top speed 140kmph fully loaded.

This is my beloved 1985 FJ60, named Pete.  He is the successor to my 1988 FJ62 "Larry" which is now loved and driven by my best friend Brian McNutt.  Pete is a stable mate to a real soulful beater named "Loopy," a 1975 FJ40.  I went all the way to Boise Idaho to get this fine wagon, because I was tired of dealing with Boston rust.  Pete sports Old Man Emu heavy suspension, an ARB front bar, Land Cruiser Connection siderails, FJ62 mirrors, and 33x10.5 BFG All-Terrain KO tires on white spoke wheels.  This photo shows Randy Elkin spotting me up the quarry steps on the Mason/Brookline trail in NH.  I am a proud member of the TLCA and I am a founder and president of Yankee Toys, a Toyota club in southern New England.   --  Dave Beattie, Boston MA

Click Here for Larger JPEG ImageA picture of me in my 73 FJ40 crossing the bridge at Rubicon Springs.  The running gear is stock except a 4 inch lift and 33 inch tires, winch hi-lift and shovel mount and roll cage.  This time next year, it will have a Chevy V8 with an SM420 four speed transmission and a locker in the rear.  --  Don Anway, Pioneer Ca.

This is my Indonesian made 1978  FJ-40. It has always been owned by ex-patriots and I'm the fourth owner. The rig is still pretty much stock with a 2F engine, 3-speed transmission on the floor, bench seats, and 4 wheel drum brakes.  It has just gone through a body off restoration by a local shop to repair a considerable amount of rust in the tub. The restoration included new body panels, new paint & undercoating, upholstery, and a sunroof for the hard top. Complete inspection of the engine and drivetrain was done as well. It is used pretty much everyday for the commute to work and for weekend trips to the beach or mountains. The roads can get very bad during the rainy season here.  --  Pat Terry,  Purwakarta, Indonesia

Here is my 73 Land Cruiser FJ43 (yes a 43 is rather rare).  Chevy 350 motor but the rest of the Cruiser is standard with Yokohama Super Diggers.  Onboard, my wife and Daughter.  I use my Cruiser mainly for hunting, fishing, and driving along the beach.  South Africa is a wonderful place for off road driving.  --  Guy Boardman, Orlando, Florida

Click Here for Larger JPEG ImageToyota winch.  When I bought it in March 1993, it had these funny truck direction indicators, and big Hella projectors.  The rear half of the bodywork was completely revised, but thick metal plating was welded on top of the original plating, and that's why rust continued its devastating action underneath.  The chassis was totally stripped in order to replace it with a new galvanized BJ42-chassis. Therefore the gearbox suspension bar and the spring suspension bolts had to be customized to match the old BJ40 springs and gearbox.  As the body appeared too heavily rusted and repair too expensive, the BJ40 was ultimately sold in pieces and I purchased a BJ42 later on. Now I'm driving a BJ46 (with 3B engine).  --  Paul Vanos

A friend of mine, Paul Cornelius from Huizen, Holland, has this 18 year old Long Cruiser BJ 45 from new 'till today. It's in pretty good condition and has been used daily. Only real modification is the modern 4.2 six diesel engine. Now we are rebuilding a blue BJ 45 with a 3B engine. Will send in picture when ready. See ya!  --  Chris Egberts, Holland

Hi, this is my FZJ-70 Cruiser before went to CANAIMA.  It has a 4.5 liter engine with 200 HP(without modifications), 35-R16 Hanhook military tires, rearchred springs, RS 9000 shocks, RS 5000 steering stabilizer, INTI Bumpers (Venezuela company) front one is ARB style and the rear one is military style with a double propose pintle hook. Warm 10,000# monster winch for the toy, a Hi-Lift in the rear door, a roof container from INTI and two wires to remove vegetation from cable craft, two IVICA of 130 watts in the front and one in the back, a CB and a complete Pioneer stereo.  I drive it daily, and yes it is very hard and you have a lot of jump and bumps but it is a TOYOTA.  --  Armando Lucca

Here is my completely stock 81 Toyota Land Cruiser BJ40.  It has the original 3B diesel engine which has about 750,000 clicks on it.  It is completely stock in this picture and it is in the process of being repainted.  It is now metallic.  We have gone almost everywhere with this thing and it is my favorite kind of truck.  --  Jesse Thorpe

Hello, my name is Luis Lopes from Serra da Estrela -PoRTUGAL, and I love my 1981-BJ40.

I finally made it into the "Club".  I just bought this '69 Cruiser about a month and a half ago. The description goes a little like this: frame up restoration a year & 1/2 ago, 6-cyl rebuilt original F engine with rebuilt rear end, new Toyota high torque starter, and all new wiring.  New 32" BFG AT's including spare, Cobra CB, Dick Cipeck racing shocks, hard top and bikini top, half doors for tailgate and a few other extras.  I love it but I'll have to say being newly married I'm having a hard time justifying the extra expenditures to the wife, so if anyone one knows of a cruiser charity fund keep me in mind! (smile)  --  Lt. John C. French, Las Vegas, NV

This is my 73 Cruiser and it has a 454ci. Bored to a 476 with 430 horsepower. Turbo 400 transmission, stock t-case, Sky Jacker leaf springs, stock front and rear ends with ARBs, custom dash, black leather seats, 6 point roll cage, 5 point harness and 35" tires, new carpet and only 1000 miles on everything but the t-case.  --  Rob Nelson,  Fremont, California

Mi nombre es Alexander Dios y soy de Caracas, Venezuela, y este es mi Land Cruiser FJ62, motor 3F año 1988. Me acompaña a todas mis aventuras por Venezuela (esta foto es en el Parque Nacional Canaima). Tiene algunas modificaciones: Cauchos BFG Mud Terrain T/A 33x12.5x15, Suspención Rancho RS5000, ballestas arqueadas, porta bidón de gasolina y porta HiLift en una sola pieza en la parte trasera, defensas integradas INTY delanteras y traseras, equipo de radio 11metros, faros auxiliares GE y un largo etc.

I bought this 1964 FJ40 in April of 1998 with 67k miles, totally stock except for the '83 2F.  Since then, I've added Celica GTS seats, a GM alternator, Lockrite in the rear, and 31's.  Next up?  A full roll cage, fixing the little bit of rust, paint, 33's, onboard air, Durabak'ing the interior, and a new instrument cluster.  This picture was taken on Poison Spider Mesa at Cruise Moab '99.  I'm a proud member of Rising Sun 4 Wheel Drive Club in Denver.  --  Chris Colangelo, Aurora, Colorado

This is ricebox #6.  68 fj40-spring over, shackle reversal, spring reversal (to extend the wheelbase), sb350, SM465 tranny, stock 3-spd t-case, tilt column, Saginaw 4-turn power steering, 36" TSL radials, full cage, almost frame off resto.  --  Ige Newsletter
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