Body and Interior

Oct. 01, 2005 By Jim Weed



Ready for new
fiberglass quarter panels.

The main tub of the scout was stripped down and dipped in a cleaning tank. New rocker panels were welded in place. Holes were drilled in the underside of the rockers for proper drainage. Then the tub was primed and painted with a black polyurethane paint. The rear quarter panels were replaced with fiberglass panels (see vendors list). The tail gate received a SSII plastic insert (Jim Maulis's Scout Parts) to match the SSII plastic front grill. A custom dual battery box was fabricated and installed under the rear seat. A custom 1 1/2" body lift was installed between the tub and the frame. The Smittybilt full roll cage was reinstalled and the roof was bolted into place.



Easy access to the
Engine with the
tilt front end.

The goal for the tilt front end was to make it as light as possible. Fiberglass fenders (see vendors list) and hood (see vendors list) were chosen. After the heater motor was relocated inside the cab behind the glove box and the Optima batteries moved into the custom battery box all the interior fendors and grill parts were removed and discarded.. A custom tube frame was constructed from 3/4" chromolly tubing. This became the foundation for the tilt front end. The fiberglass fendors and grill assembly were bolted to this tube frame. Hood pins were installed at the four corners of the hood so that the hood can be removed separately or tilted with the front end. The wiring harness for the front markers and headlights was setup with trailer wiring disconnects so the tilt front end can be totally removed.


The interior was reinstalled similar to factory with the exception of an aftermarket carpet kit that I purchased from (AT Scouts). Newsletter
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