Desert Limo goes wild with KORE Performance

Feb. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Desertbull's Desert Limo gets wild with KORE Race Suspension

Somewhere in the DIRT Nation - Facing the publishing deadlines, racing across states to off-road events stretched from the East Coast to the West Coast and trekking into the Baja Peninsula for the ultimate off-road adventures, the Desert Limo is slowly in the process of the upgrading process. So many people continually ask the proverbial question, ""What does the Desert Limo have on it now?""

The Desert Limo was put into our fleet of vehicles for one purpose and one purpose only. That was to tote that 40' race hauler across the nation to off-road events everywhere. Big heavy loads that require us to be there in record time through rain, sleet, wind or snow. To conquer that tall task we selected the ultimate in Dodge Ram technology. The Dodge Ram 4WD Cummins Turbo Diesel truck utilizes the Cummins Turbo Diesel 24-valve motor and we upgraded to the best transmission technology available using a ATS Diesel Performance torque converter and top rated ATS Diesel transmission components.

Finally, we finished off this first project with the smooth riding, bump absorbing world-class suspension by KORE Performance.

And so, this month we are featuring nothing other than the KORE Performance Race Suspension System. Featuring the most technologically advanced reservoir shocks in the universe, FOX Racing Shox, and the best engineered aftermarket solid axle Dodge suspension every presented to the motoring public and you have one hell of a suspension system for a OEM truck.

We happen to have a little bit of experience with the brains and brawn behind the operation at KORE Performance (Kent Kroeker) and we do know that this system indeed does do the job based on over 100,000 miles of experience.

Our off-road truck, The Desert Tank, was fitted with the KORE Performance Race System back in August 2003, when KORE Performance was then T-Rex Engineering. Although, T-Rex Engineering no longer exists, KORE Performance has taken off where they left off and pushed the envelope even further in the design and engineering of a tremendous aftermarket suspension system.

Throughout the 2004 off-road season we beat, battered and abused the KORE Performance Race Suspension system as much as we could. We crashed the fully loaded truck into a deep gully weighing some 9500 pounds, and a few months later we blasted down the Baja 1000 race course ending in La Paz awaiting the arrival of the world's best off-road racers.

So it was no novelty that we hooked up with KORE Founder/CEO, Kent Kroeker, in January 2005 to discuss what was available for the new Desert Limo. Knowing that we wouldn't be taking the Desert Limo off-road for a few years, but utilizing this powerful truck package to tow the roads of America and beyond, Kroeker suggested we go forward with the KORE Performance Race Suspension System.

Sooner than you knew it we were down at Carli Suspension for the installation process. Carli Suspension has long been the regional installation expert and regularly has first hand experience with those of us abusing parts in the real world. Carli Suspension is noted for their customer service and ability to get the job done correct at a fast pace. Their attention to detail is what has drawn me back to Carli Suspension time-and-time again. They get it right every time! In the world we live today, how often does that happen.

It wasn't long before we peeled the box apart that KORE Performance had shipped out to Carli Suspension and got into ripping the bubble wrap of the beautiful FOX Racing Shox. The FOX Shox that comes with this the KORE Performance Race Suspension System is a 2.5"" steel-bodied nitrogen charged FOX Reservoir Shock featuring a 7/8"" inch shaft. Each shock mounts with a permanently lubricated, nearly indestructible heim joint on each end.

Next to grace our eyes was the newly developed KORE Performance billet shock tower CNC-machined from 6061 sold billet.

And finally are the KORE Performance designed coil springs using the latest in advanced technology identified as hot-wind and de-carb techniques were unveiled from the box.

Sage, owner of Carli Suspension said, ""Let's do it Desertbull.""

The Desert Limo had less than 1000 miles when Carli Suspension installed the KORE Performance Suspension System, therefore the under carriage and truck were almost spotless.

The Desert Limo was hoisted into the air for the out patient surgery as the doctor from Carli Suspension put on his surgeon's gloves to tackle the installation of the KORE Performance Race Suspension System. Visit this link here for all the details to install your own KORE Performance Suspension System.

With the OEM tires removed from the wheels the removal of the plastic splash guard was the first thing to get to. Sage used a marker and pattern to have me cut out the plastic splash guard to my specifications. (Being in the off-road industry I often work like you do on your own truck and it was this special occasion that Sage allowed me in his shop to actually help him with this installation. And yes, he charged me double for being in his way throughout the process) Reason being is the Desert Limo attends many off-road shows and events and we want to show the off-road motoring public the latest in advanced off-road technology and certainly the KORE Performance Suspension System.

Before I turned around the front tie rods were removed and shortly thereafter the upper shock mounts were clanging on the floor and I saw Sage fiddling with the new coil spring. Hmmmm, did I just miss something?

In the photograph below you can see that the OEM air box can be removed for easier access. However, Sage, with all the installations he's done of the KORE Performance Suspension System, he's able to finagle the top shock mount without any issues.

He grabbed a rear shock and had the rears installed in less than a few moments only taking time to take a look at the mounting position for the drivers side rear shock. Sage found KORE Performance's suggested mounting location on the lower frame rail. He used the same process on the opposite side and it was complete.

We should mention that the only headache with this entire system is dealing with the nitrogen re-charge. To properly install the nitrogen-charge shocks, you must bleed the reservoirs of the nitrogen. Once installed, it is required to re-charge the shocks with 200 PSI of nitrogen. In the off-road racing world that's not an issue, because off-road race teams always have nitrogen bottles around for the same use, however in the world of commuter driving and those boys living in East Texas, its not too easy to find someone ready to nitrogen charge your shocks. You can fill them with compressed air until your locate a shop capable of nitrogen charging your shocks. However, H2o in the compressed air can rust internal shock parts so make sure you have your shocks charged by a qualified person as soon as possible.
The upper OEM rear shock mount provides easy installation using the lubricated heim affixed to the top of the FOX Racing Shock. Be sure to mount the shock with the reservoir hose fitting directed to a mounting location as directed in the KORE Performance installation instructions in order for placement of the reservoir where you want it.
Sage was making quick work of this installation as I shot photos of the rear shocks bolted up he moved back to the front. First he simply placed the shock up through the side of the spring bucket and placed it into position. He hand tighten the bolts securing the tower from beneath the bucket with the Grade 8 7/16"" bolts using blue LOKTITE. As you button up the front installation remember to tighten these bolts on the tower to 35 FT LBS.
Driver's side with the KORE Performance Suspension all buttoned up.
Desert Limo's passenger side after installation.
One issue that we discovered during the installation process is the stretching of the rubber bushing at the anti-sway bar mounting locations. The rubber bushing was being pulled upwards and as seen here it appears to be stretched to maximum limits. Sage at Carli Suspension indicated that KORE Performance was already aware of this problem and they were in the process of manufacturing an easy fix for this problem. Visit KORE regularly as they are continually updating the website with products.
� No doubt that KORE Performance CEO - Kent Kroeker utilized massive amounts of engineering wit when developing the installation of this solid axle Dodge suspension. In talking with Kroeker in the past he delved deep into the research and development that he put into this suspension system before releasing it to the off-road public. With an extensive knowledge of the Baja Peninsula, Kroeker selected one of the most brutal tough dirt roads in all of the peninsula to perform his R&D. He related once that he and his friends had repaired and replaced the front suspension parts so many times on the dirt roads of Baja that they could actually do it in complete darkness at record speed. Believe it or not! And no this ain't no Ripley's stories! Back underneath the big new Dodge Ram truck was Sage finishing up the last details of the installation. The installation of the front shock reservoir mounts is very easy. With the plastic splash guard removed, it is easy to locate a mounting point for the shock reservoir mounting bracket. Positioning at the proper angle for the only reason of ""looking good."" It's fairly easy to see that nothing impedes the mounting of the shock reservoir, but check to verify that no electrical wires have slipped behind the reservoir hoses or brackets. Provide yourself with proper clearance for each reservoir hose to flex as the suspension is cycled repetitively millions of times. With the complete KORE Performance Suspension System installed Sage charged the FOX Racing Shox with nitrogen and we headed out for a test ride. The first of many miles that this truck will negotiate with the KORE Performance Suspension. I commented to Sage, ""This is like driving an Cadillac! It's about as smooth as a baby's butt!""
Seen here is the complete KORE Performance Race Suspension System including the Mini-Paks which we did not chose to install on the Desert Limo at this time. The purchase of this system is a purchase that you will never regret. That coming from a crew that abuses our off-road trucks on the roughest terrain in off-road.


Thanks to KORE Performance for their outstanding development in a full suspension system that allows you perform an easy installation as we did on the Desert Limo. A shade tree mechanic can easily install the KORE Performance Suspension System in his backyard, garage or driveway in a Saturday morning and still have time to read the newspaper.

KORE Performance provides a full line of products available to the Dodge Ram enthusiast. Visit them at for additional information.

Thanks to Carli Suspension for the outstanding work performed on the KORE Performance installation and as always, it's good do business with them. They charge a very fair rate and provide top quality customer service along with exquisite attention to detail.

Stay tuned as we bring you a complete update in a few months after motoring down the roads of America with KORE Performance.

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