Apr. 01, 2000 By ORC STAFF
Brian Press originally purchased the '77 GMC K-15 in 1995 which was in dire need of some TLC. Brian first started with the motor. The engine was rebuilt by Brian and his brother in Brian's garage. The motor is a 402 Chevrolet Big Block with a .040 bore over, fitted with an Edelbrock intake, 600cfm Carburetor, Cam and Lifters. It has plenty of power to turn the big meats. The Headers and glass packs send the exhaust out the back.
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The suspension was lifted 6 inches, and the body got a 3 inch lift to clear the tires. A crossover steering setup helps it turn when the truck is flexed. A B&M shifter gets the TH400 moving through the gears and the NP205 sends the horsepower to the Dana 44 front and 14 bolt rear to keep 40/17/16.5's Gumbo Monster Mudders on 16.5x14 Bart Wheels spinning hard.
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 border= The electrical system has an Isolator and 2 batteries running 4 lights on the front bumper, 5 on the light bar, 2 spot lights and two back up lights on the shell, all this keeps the dark away. The body has all the molding holes and emblems filled and shaved, and most of the dents fixed (although most have returned and even got some new ones) The whole thing was then squirted with PPG Dark Black The interior of this truck has been left alone except for the addition of some gauges to keep an eye on the motor and a CB radio. Brian also carries a 30,000 pound tow strap, ten foot tow chain, and a Warn receiver shackle bracket along with two fire extinguishers and a shovel (never know when your gonna need both). On the front push bar, Brian carries a Hi-Lift jack.  border= This big GMC is Brian's daily driver and he's put many miles on it. Brian wheels this truck pretty hard (Brian has had to replace the front fenders a few times). The truck has taken Brian's family and friends on some great fourwheeling adventures. Brian would like to thank his brother Barry for all his hard work in getting the truck this way and would also like to thank his friend John in helping with the pictures in the mud. A very BIG thanks to his wife for putting up with this "truck thing."
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