Chevy/GMC 4x4 Readers Rides

Jan. 01, 2000 By ORC STAFF
Readers Rides
 border=  border= Chad Fitzmaurice 79 GMC Stepside Chesterton, IN
  • 4" susp lift
  • 40" Ground Hawgs
  • 355ci with 12:1 Keath Blacks pistons, roller rockers, 501 lift 292 dur Crane cam, Pete Jackson noisey gear drive, forged rods and crank, ported & polished torker 2 intake and cast 194 heads,
  • Holley 750 D.P. with 12" K&N
  • B&M trans w/ rachet shifter
  • 308 gears that stink!
  • Chad will soon have 1 ton 4.11s going in with a 6" susp and 3 body to help make more room for the mud & tires.
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