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Jul. 01, 2006 By Sam Knight

For those who have been following the Project: Titan buildup, I am sorry to announce a slight delay. However, for the time being, I would love to share a couple well respected vendors I have come to appreciate over the years of being a Nissan owner. These aftermarket gurus are a credit to their Nissan communities and attribute to most modification desires of 4x4 enthusiasts.

Automotive Customizers: Your Nissan Specialists
Phone: (954) 971-3510
Fax: (954) 971-3770
E-mail: [email protected]

Automotive Customizers was founded in 1995 by dedicated Nissan owners. After years of being ignored by the after-market, Automotive Customizers was formed to offer quality parts and accessories at competitive prices. AC has the largest selection of Nissan parts and accessories available. As the leader in the Nissan after-market, they provide many unique products not available anywhere else. The Research and Development Team is continually working on new products exclusively for Nissan Trucks and SUVs.

The Message Board has thousands of members who own and modify their Nissans and are willing to share their experiences with others. There are also many Clubs and Events planned for Nissan owners under our Club Forums. Check Nissan Events to see highlights of some of these events. Also check Upcoming Events for upcoming Nissan events. You can also post pictures of modified Nissans in their Gallery by going to Post Your Pictures. The parts can be ordered 24 hours a day, conveniently and securely through their On-Line Catalog. Make sure to check back often as products will be added daily. Don’t forget to check the Specials for new products and sales!

AC Xterra

The AC Xterra has been seen on trails around the US. This heavily modified 2000 Xterra is ready for all trail types from mud to rock crawling. Current Modifications: 3" Automotive Customizers Suspension Lift- Rancho RS5000 Front Shocks- Rancho RS9000X Rear Shocks- Sway A Way Torsion Bars- Revolver Shackles- 5.142 Ring & Pinion/Front & Rear- ARB Air Lockers/Front & Rear- TJM Winch Mount Bull Bar and Custom Tube Work- Snorkel- 33x12.5 ProComp MT Tires- Xterra Specific Mile Marker 10,500 Pound Hydraulic Winch- Idler Arm Brace- Transfer Case Gears (3.7-1)- 3 Pack Add A Leaf Pack- Front Skid Plate- Rear Differential Skid Plate- 3" Body Lift- Cargo Rack with Spare Tire Mount, Jack Mount, Axe/Shovel Mount and Gas Can Mount- Stainless Steel Braided Brake Lines- Automotive Customizers Light Bar with Lights- Underhood Welder- Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch- Automotive Customizers Complete Steering System- Leaf Pack Skid Plates- Rear

Sway Bar Quick Disconnects- On Board Air System- High Performance Cams-


Here is the new Detroit/Truetrac rear LSD for the TITAN
If you need some serious additional ponies under your hood, check out the Stillen supercharger. The kit provides about 140 hp/tq

PRG Products

Other stuff we've done: United Prerunners (the original desert truck club -, Rialto Offroad Raceway (short course facility, organized, promoted, operated by us until fall of 2005), shock valving for numerous winning race teams, and designing and building offroad suspensions for our own vehicles. We have been involved in helping to bring numerous Nissan products on the market, including products by Total Chaos, Donahoe Racing, CST, and Deaver Springs. Our involvement with the production and/or specs of so many of the products that we sell sets us apart from a lot of other distributors. In addition, we manufacture many suspension components ourselves.

Why we are good at what we do: We are passionate about suspension. Our involvement in the offroad community has helped us to gain experience and knowledge about what it takes to make a truck work well. We test every product we sell, either on our own Nissan vehicles or on customers vehicles. We make sure we do installations so we can answer questions from customers. We understand why the products we sell work, which makes us better able to pass along that knowledge to our customers. Our familiarity with the products we sell also allows us to help our customers choose the best combination of components for each customer - Greg spends a lot of time on the phone with customers trying to learn what they want to do with their truck before suggesting a package that will best fit their application. As a result, our customer service has been hailed as exemplary.

Why do we specialize in Nissan trucks/SUV's? We bought a Titan in 2004 and were not happy with the rake of the stock truck or the leveling kits in the market. So we built our own kit. Through the forums we had a great response and a lot of people asked if Greg could make them one, too. So we did a short run and they sold out immediately. We kept making more and adding new products and eventually we got so busy we had to quit our "real" jobs in order to keep up. Since then we've expanded our product line to include over 70 suspension components for Nissan Titans, Xterras, Frontiers, Pathfinders, and Armadas.

What does PRG stand for? PRG stands for Prerunner Greg, Greg's user name on the forums. When we first started making the leveling kits people on the boards started calling it the "PRG kit" and it stuck. Forums such as TitanTalk.Com and TitanSpot.Com helped us to get the word out about our new products and provide such an excellent resource for customers to provide feedback that the PRG is a nod to the forums that helped to make our business grow.

What's in the future: We are in the process of building our new website ( and continue to help develop and bring to market quality suspension components that are road tested and PRG approved.

United Productions
(951) 780-5331

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