Suzuki 4x4 - Photo Album: Geoff Beasley

Feb. 01, 2006 By ORC STAFF Suzuki Pages button Photos button Geoff takes on a hill. In the 4 years since I bought my 1987 Hardtop Samurai (nicknamed "Buster") as a high-school graduation gift to myself, I have steadily been improving it from stock into a more and more serious trail machine. To fit my 31x10.5 BFG's on stock axles, I have a custom 2" spring mount lift to match my 2" longer Con-Ferr shackles. Driving the larger tires is a Weber'd, Thorley'd 1324 turning a Centerforce Gold clutch. This feeds into a Petroworks GRS2 transfer case and a front Lock-Right and rear EZ-Locker. Rampin' it Protecting things is Con-Ferr belly pan and Calmini front bumper, onto which 130-watt spotlights and 100-watt fog lights are mounted . A Con-Ferr roof rack keeps things on the roof, and inside a radar detector, CD player, amp, scanner and CB radio are mounted to the roof to keep them high and dry. beasley3.jpg (49326 bytes) Although most of my wheelin' is on the beaches and forests in far Northern California, I make many day trips on the Rubicon and other mountain trails around my summer home near Tahoe.
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--Zukiman! aka Geoff Beasley
   UIN: 4669187
   "Try to get there in any 4x4…Get there and back in a Suzuki"

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