Ramcharger Readers Rides part 3

Nov. 24, 1999 By ORC STAFF
Welcome to the third page of Ramcharger Readers' Rides
Brian Carroll's 1985 Ramcharger

Brian Carroll

My family owns a very sturdy ramcharger :) I say family because well, no one really owns it, it's not insured nor is it titled. We just keep it dirty and running pure.

1985 Ramcharger Prospector
360 C.I.D. with Quadrajet 4 barrel carb.
33" buckshot tires (as of now)
Mopar performance exhaust (I believe)

It's known to be a "good looking" truck, but down here in Tennessee, we know what a truck is good for--look at these pics.

Scott Zorno's 1983

Scott Zorno

Here is a picture of my Wife's Ram. It is an '83 with rebuilt everything and Western 7 1/2 ft standard plow
Kevin's '77 Ramcharger

Kelly & Bob

1977 ramcharger, 440, 3\4 ton, 35x12.5 tires, custom soft top, roll bar, 6 in body- 5 in sus lift, mint Canadian body.

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