Takuya Ito

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

Three-quarter front view

I got a new  “JB33W” three months ago. “JB33W”=Next Samurai? It is called the “Jimny Wide” in Japan. The 660 turbo-engine model is called a “Jimny” in Japan.

Takuya takes his Jimny Wide off-road Front end detail Rear view

“Jimny” Ito's Old SamuraiMy old car is a 1988 JA51-2 van (1324cc 4cycle). This is the same as a pre-'87 Samurai. I installed a performance muffler. I drove it for four years.

--Takuya Ito (“Jimny” Ito)

Editor's note: I grabbed these pictures to save some time for y'all, because sometimes the links to Japan are S-L-O-W.

Samurai police cruiser Back of Samurai police cruiser

Samurais get used for everything. Yes, that is a police car. Here's what Takuya had to say about it:

“The police chased an escaping Toyota 4Runner. The police Jimny chased the car but didn't catch it. Because it's very slow…”

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