Momon Maderoni

Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF

mmaderoni.jpg (58981 bytes)maderoni2.jpg (55070 bytes)I bought this a year ago. It was in very bad condition, having had too much abuse and lots of corrosion. The original body was a hardtop, and now that it's modified, I will be using a bikini soft-top. The body was totally rebuilt. I run it without doors, and also removed the back door (making it like a pick-up model). It's lifted via 4" shackles and runs 31" Goodyear Xtragrip tires. It's got Monroe shock absorbers (rear and front), and a Procomp steering stabilizer. The flares have been cut and use my own modification (as you can see). Also I use my own arrangement of four, 100 watt auxiliary lamps (two white and two yellow). It currently has only two seats and uses three-point harnesses.

The engine is standard (in Indonesia, 1,000 cc for this model). I've installed 9.8 mm Scat sparkplug wires, splitfire sparkplugs, Cranecams, 6-point roll cage, LS gears, Alinco 2 meter band radio with ? lambda antenna and a Warn M8000i winch.

I am having a lot of fun with this Jimny Super SJ410, that I nicknamed Kutulumpur or Mudlouse. I can go four wheeling everywhere in tropical Indonesia!

--Momon S. Maderoni Newsletter
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