Project Suzushi Doug Thorley Header

Nov. 01, 2005 By Scott Gomez
segheader3.jpg (38907 bytes)

More power! I gotta have MORE POWER! As Samurai owners, this is something we've all said at least once.

Since I was going to a set of bigger meats in conjunction with my spring-over, I figured I'd better do at least a little something to improve Suzushi's power output. A header seemed like just the place to start. Relatively inexpensive, easily installed and generally considered to be the single easiest mod to make for a few more horses.

segheader2.jpg (24109 bytes)I chose the Doug Thorley header because of it being smog legal in California. You might want to choose it because it's complete, well made and, compared to some others, beefy. The net result is a few more always-needed horses and a nice, rich, throaty sound when used in conjunction with a 2" exhaust and a turbo muffler. Suzushi actually sounds like a truck now, instead of a souped-up sewing machine. Newsletter
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