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Nov. 01, 2005 By ORC STAFF
Readers Rides
Welcome to the Chevy & GMC 4x4 Readers' Rides section.

 border= Mike Kimberlin's 83 K5 Blazer

 border= Josh Idol's 94 Chevy Truck

 border= Steve Burt's 72 K5 Blazer

 border= Scott Byars 95 Chevy Truck

 border= Clint Wiles 96 Chevy Tahoe

 border= Tim White's 86 Chevy Truck

 border= Glenn Viveiros's 77 K5 Blazer

 border= Justin Gutzman's 99 Chevy Truck

 border= Tim Specht's 85 GMC S-15

 border= Ryan Bambach's 92 Chevy Sport

 border= Brett Reed's 77 K5 Blazer

 border= Evan Sanders 78 K10 Scottsdale

 border= Shawn Spickler's 87 K5 Blazer

 border= Lynn Harms 97 K1500 Silverado

 border= Steve Fox's 90 K5 Blazer

 border= Corey Perez's 88 K5 Blazer

 border= Larry Wittman's 78 K20 Truck

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