Scott Taylor Wins Record 4th CORR Pro-2 Title

Nov. 01, 2002 By ORC STAFF
Record setting weekend at Crandon Raceway - Scott Taylor wins record 4th straight CORR Pro-2 Title

Scott Taylor completes the Heavy Metal Sweep with victory at the Borg-Warner World Championship Manufacturers' Challenge

On Friday, Scott Taylor was the honorary Grand Marshall of the2002 Crandon International Off Road Raceway Parade. Later that afternoon Scott and his Mobil 1, BF Goodrich, Ford F-150 took part in the Trail Master Suspension time trials and qualified in the front row of the Borg Warner World Championship Manufacture Challenge.

Round 13

Going into the last two round of racing, saw a slightly different Crandon racetrack. The long back straightaway was removed which shortened the track from 1.7 miles to 1.2 miles. But even with the changes to the race track after Saturday practice Taylor says " He is ready to win this championship because the Mobil 1, BFGoodrich, Ford is on a rail.

On Saturday Round 13 started with 12 trucks and at the 1st turn Taylor was out in the lead. On the 3rd lap the 2nd place Evans and 3rd place Vanden Heuvel got tangled up giving Taylor a demanding lead.

Half way through the race Taylor was trying to lap Evans, when after 2 laps of following him, Scott bumped Evans when he checked up on a corner causing him to spin.

Due to this incident Taylor was issued a very questionable black flag with three laps to go. After the penalty, Scott found himself in 2nd place. Then on the white flag lap Taylor was issued another black flag for leaving the penalty box to fast which caused Taylor to take home a 4th place win.

Round 14

On Sunday Round 14 the pressure was on the Taylor Racing Crew to put the Mobil 1, BFGoodrich, Ford in the winners circle for another championship with 6 points ahead of Evans.

When the green flag dropped Taylor was 3rd in the 1st corner. The crowd was on the edge of their seat for the first couple of laps when Evans passed Taylor, Taylor passed Evans, VandenHeuvel spun and Taylor moved into 2nd place. Then on the next lap Evans passed Taylor but Evans got crossed up and Taylor shot back into 2nd place. Taylor started gaining on the leader but made the decision to maintain the 2nd place position to win the CORR 2002 Points Championship. Taylor quotes: I might have lost the battle but I won the war.

In the Borg Warner Shootout Taylor was one of the top 5 - 2x2 trucks to get to start 1000 feet head of all the other 30 trucks including the demanding 4x4 trucks. In the 1st turn Taylor was 4th and quickly moved into 2nd position. But didn't take long for the 4x4 trucks of LeDuc and Greaves to catch up to the 2x2 trucks of Renezeder and Taylor. After following Renezeder for a couple of laps Scott finally finds an opening to swiftly move the Mobil 1, BFGoodrich Ford into the lead. A few laps later LeDuc slows, and the hard charging Greaves is only 3 seconds behind Taylor.

Greaves then has a tire going down and on the White Flag lap Taylor had a 6 second lead on Greaves. Scott comes home the winner of the Borg Warner World Championship Manufacture Challenge. The first 2-wheel drive truck ever to ever accomplish the feat.

"It was the longest white flag lap in my racing career but this Ford Tough F-150 with the Roush Motor and BFGoodrich Tires took me to the winners circle. I would just like to Thank all my sponsors: Mobil 1, BFGoodrich, Ford, Auto Meter, Automatic Transmission Design, Boatec, Justice Brothers, K&N, Miller Electric, MSD, Phil's Inc. Precision Gear, Roush Performance and Ringer Resource to help with the most prestigious win of my racing career. It is the highlight of the Taylor Racing Team to win the Championship and both the Governors Cup and the Borg Warner Shootout." - Scott Taylor

Taylor credits this season to the sponsors and all the crew members of the Taylor Racing Team. Crew Chief Jeff Frana - Michigan Tech graduate, Geoff Dorr - Radio, Russ Wernimont - Chief Engineer, Mike Kasch - Roush Performance and all the other crew members: Mitchell Dorr, Mike Kinsella, Julie Kinsella, Ryan Bowman, Wayne Wares, Vonnie Wares and Jamie Colver.

More photos will be emailed soon. Scott Taylor - Driver/ Team Owner, Kellie Taylor - Team Coordinator, Mike Reusche, Release/Webmaster/Photos. If you know anyone else that would like to keep up with Scott Taylor's 2002 Race Season, please email:

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