Graham Tracker: "The Crazy Eight"

A new day will soon dawn a fresh Nissan Titan in the Class 8 for the S.C.O.R.E. 2007 season

Jan. 01, 2007 By Samuel C. Knight
Well, Titan racing fans, Bob Graham’s race team is turning the page. Fortunately, the next chapter gets much better!

After a disappointing chain of events at the Baja 1000, mainly the stock spindles not holding up to the challenge, and a frustratingly inept drivetrain throughout the year, Bob shoots for the stars.

The Stock Pro Titan will take back burner and sustain pre-runner status or possibly appear in the MDR circuit. A new day will soon dawn a fresh Nissan Titan in the Class 8 for the S.C.O.R.E. 2007 season. Bob is mixing up the ingredients for an electrifying new off-road cocktail. Potent parts of power and performance will be shaken, not stirred. An inspiring concoction that can be strained into a trophy cup.

Camburg Engineering will provide the suspension dynamics for the new Titan. Jerry Zaiden and Jason Campbell’s cloak-and-dagger, long travel front, and rear link suspension will also inspire an aftermarket system. The kit should be available, shortly thereafter, to Titan off-road enthusiast who love to carve up grueling desert terrain. Dampening specialist, Brian Skipper of SWAY-A-WAY, will also tune custom absorbers for rigorous cycling that is demanded off-road at high speeds.

Speaking of high speeds, Pantera Specialisties desire to wield their magic on the Titan’s Endurance V8 engine. Shooting for over 700 horsepower has already been proven possible with this engine in another racing circuit. Seems, Pantera, would grant a healthy dose to this stealthy venture.

Together, along the experienced Grahamracing team, a championship soiree will be just over the horizon.

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