American Racing Launches ATXSeries with Teflon Coating

Jul. 01, 2004 By ORC STAFF


Rancho Dominguez, CA- American Racing Equipment, the nation's leading manufacture of custom wheels, today introduced the industry's first wheels featuring Teflon finishes. American Racing has been testing and refining applications for the Teflon technology on off-road vehicles for the past two years. During those tests they have found that coating wheels with the Teflon finish significantly enhances the wheel's resistance to brake dust, dirt, road film and UV degradation. This resistance to the elements means that you can spend less time cleaning your wheels and more time getting them dirty.

There are three wheel styles that will make up the ATXSeries with Teflon Coating; The Diamond Lock II (Series No. 118), The Victor (Series No. 367) and the Mojave (Series No. 3981). Each of these styles features a unique look and Teflon application providing Off-road enthusiasts with a wheel that will compliment the look of their vehicle. The Diamond Lock II has a high luster machined face with simulated bead lock flange treatment and is coated with a Teflon clear coat. The Victor features a center that is finished in black metallic anthracite contrasted by an ultra bright machined lip; the complete wheel is then coated with a Teflon clear coat. The Victor is available in 16x8, 17x8 and 18x9.5. The Mojave features a Black Anthracite metallic Teflon finish and is available in 16x8, 17x8, 18x9.5 and 20x10 sizes.

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Brand: American Racing
Product Name: ATXSeries coated with Teflon
Style #'s: Diamond Lock II (Series No. 118) The Victor (Series No. 367), The Mojave (Series No. 3981)
Target Market: Off-road
Finishes: Black Metallic Anthracite Teflon and Teflon Clear Coat
Sizes: 16x8, 17x8", 18x9.5", and 20x10
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