Top Ten Suzuki Forum Discussions Readers Sound Off in this week's Top 10

Jan. 14, 2008 By ORC STAFF

This month we feature the ever-active members of the Suzuki Discussion Forum. One of the most-active of the BBS’s, there are nearly 30,000 separate threads, with over 237,000 posts. Here’s a look at the Top 10 (Top Ten) Suzuki Discussion Threads, all about Suzuki 4x4s and their owners.

1- Samurai Carb Swap
Need any suggestions for carb change possibilities on 89 suzuki sammy. Hi po stuff like webbers not it is just a driver and dont need to worry about smog laws....but must get rid of that stock carb nightmare.....

2 - Been Awhile – ZukiHolic
I'm a newbie again. I used to be on this site yrs ago. I see a few screen names I recognize. Went through some issues . Anyway, my name's Jim and I'm a zukaholic.

3 - Resurrecting the Zook Forum
This once was THE place for All Things Zook. While the ORC never died, it's not what it used to be. But I think bad choices in BBS software meant a lot went elsewhere. I see the wrinkles in the software are gone, and I don't see any problems using this forum again. In fact, I miss it. The historical depth of knowledge on this board is amazing. Searching DOES yield a lot on this site.

That said, I'm making it a point to check in daily, to reaffirm the friendships I made here, to brind new tech to this site first, and to make this the site it once was.

4 - Suzuki Coloring Pages
I got these a long time ago from Justin Fender. I just ran across them the other day on my computer, adn figured they aren't doing any good there! So I uploaded them to my website. Fun for the whole family! If you have a printer, you should be able to just click on the pic to make it bigger...then hit print.

5 - Tennessee Zukers
Just wondering how many members we have on here from Tennessee and what areas you are in.....
Me I am in Palmer, Tn

6- Tubing the Front Out Again
I pulled the zuk in for some well- needed winter lovin...

7 - 1.3 Eight Valve Engine Timing
I have a 1993 Suzuki Samurai. A previous owner has marked the distributer cap number 1 position (as shown in the repair manual) as number 4 and the spark plugs are wired accordingly. Is it possible to put the distributer in 180 deg. out and than put the timing belt on and so it will work that way? When I turn the engine to the time for the number one plug to fire the distributer points to the normal number 4 contact position.
Also the distributer does not have an alignment notch like other engines I have worked on and and you can rotate it 180 and it will go on just fine.

8 - 12-Volt Air Compressors
Any experiences with the Quick Air or Viair units? I'm thinking of running a 2.5 gal tank with one of the above.... Any thoughts??? Thanks!

9 - Old Timers and European Zukers
Ok, here goes. after 3 hours of trying to find it, i am about to give up. YEARS ago, somebody posted a link to a orange morris mini that was converted to 4wd. best my memory serves, it was a european trials rig. id guess the tires where 38s or larger, seems like it was on rover drivetrain. if anybody has pictures or a link to the web site, i sure would appreciate it.

10 - Rear Side Gears
Hey there everybody.... been a long time since I posted last. Seems as tho' the BB just isn't the same. But I need some help locating some rear side gears so I can install my new 3rd member on the Sami.

Any helps?


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