Top 10 Hummer Mods

Everything from improving your flexibility to a snowplow install and more...

Jan. 28, 2008 By ORC STAFF

The U.S. Military made them famous, and off-roaders made them fun. Here is the Editor’s Choice for the Top Ten Hummer mods to date at ORC.

  1. Think the H3 is too bulky? Not flexible enough? Think again with Improving Your Flex
  2. If you get a little rowdy on the rocks hear that dreaded snap! Never fear.  Learn how to replace and repair your H1 half-shafts here.
  3. Did you know that the front diff on an H1 is slightly off-center? Find out why and fix the problem!
  4. Got a diesel Hummer? Jump the Lift Pump!
  5. Leaky oil filters can be a royal pain. Check out our cheap trick for fixing them on a Hummer.
  6. If you can’t get the engine started, going off-road is a long ways away. Get going with our starter replacement.
  7. Good tires are key to a good time. See our review of the Hankook DynaPro MT RT03.
  8. Following up on our new tires, a simple addition can save you a lot of grief off-road.  Case in point: Staun Bead Lock Install on our Hummer H3
  9. Get under the hood with our Hood Assist on the H1
  10. During snow season, there’s nothing more fun than pushing the white stuff around with your off-road toy.  Check out parts one and two of our snowplow install and try-out. Newsletter
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