Holder Off-Road LED light bar

Sep. 01, 2007 By Mike Lyon
Holder Off-Road LED Light Bar      Holder Off-Road has designed a revolutionary LED lighting system that will change the way off-road enthusiasts see fast approaching night time terrain. Their LED light bars that can be ordered in lengths from 10" to 60" offer two types of lighting patterns, the euro or pencil style beam pattern. We recently got to test a set of these LED lights. We can attest they are super bright and crash tested!

      We tested two 10" LED light bars, one was the euro style beam and the other was the pencil style beam pattern. We temporarily mounted the LEDs on top of our existing light bar which houses four 6" HID lights with a modified light pattern (combination of spot and flood). At 10" wide and 3? tall they are a very bright but compact system. Each LED is 5mm in diameter and with 20 LEDs in each 10" light they crank out 38 watts and only draw 3.3 amps. The key to the light output is the very trick reflectors that sit behind the LED bulbs.  The housings are made of high strength aluminum with built in heat-sinks to keep the lights cool. The 10" bar weighs in at 3 pounds and retails in the $500 range while the 40" bar is in the $1500 range.

      With just the 2 LED light bars turned on, we were impressed at how much light they put out. It is a very white light, even more so than the HIDs. The 2 LED light bars put out close to the same amount of light as the 4 HIDs. The over all distance of the output was slightly less but the width of the pattern was much more. They seemed to fill in much more area than our 4 HIDs were able to. With the addition of two more LED light bars we feel the output would have been better than our modified beamed HIDs.

2 HID's broken, LEDs untouched!

      One thing we learned the hard way about these LED lights was how durable they are, they are truly crash tested! On a daytime run during our second round of tests at the Glamis sand dunes we had the misfortune of rolling the car. These two LED light bars were mounted on top of our existing light bar with no real protection. They did not have any damage to them after the crash while two of out 6" HIDs did break. If we can put the full weight of a sand car directly on these LED lights and Robby Gordon uses them in desert racing you know they are tough!! 

40" LED light bar

           The new Holder Off-Road LED light bars have a wide range of uses. They are perfect if you want a low profile light rack, great for off-road race cars, and especially optimal for Rhino's.  Their low power draw and super bright light output make them ideal for every application where you need to see the night time terrain.


David Holder


See web site for authorized dealers.

Here are some comparison pictures. The lights look much brighter in person.

2 10" LED light bars only 2 LED and 2 HID 2 LED and 4 HID


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