2006 Extreme Motorsports Expo

Costa Mesa, CA

Jun. 01, 2006 By Mike Lyon


      The Extreme Motor Sports Expo held in Costa Mesa, CA was a huge event for off-road enthusiasts. The 3 day event had hundreds of exhibitors with a wide range of off-road products. From lifted trucks and toy haulers to sand cars, ATV's, and even a few rock crawlers, the show had it all!

      This event has grown since its first show in 2003 when it only used 2 exhibit buildings. Now the Extreme Motor Sports show has grown to over 6 buildings as well as every outdoor spot occupied. It's a great place to get ideas for summer projects! 

      One thing we noticed at the show was numerous new sand car companies. Many of their so called 'new' products looked to be quite similar to cars of long time sand car industry leaders. Some of these new companies made subtitle changes (sometime unsafe changes) and added some 'bling' to catch a potential customers eye. Buyer beware! If you're considering investing in a sand car, look past the 'bling' and make sure to do your homework on the car and the company. Don?t get us wrong, not all companies are like this but a lot of them are and it could impact you both physically and in your wallet. Is the sand car industry out of innovative ideas? 

      While we are on 'rant mode' lets discuss the cards passed out when entering the show. They say "Enter to win $100,000 cash!" All you have to do is swipe the card through the reader, enter in all your info and BAM!, you could win cash or other great prizes! Who doesn't like free stuff? A week after the show, expect a call so they can verify your info and invite you to pick up a free gift of an all expenses paid weekend get-aways to Las Vegas, San Francisco, or Mexico. To receive this 'gift' you have to go pick it up, and while there you get to listen to a 90-minute speech. This is not a speech related to off-roading or anything you think may be interesting, but rather they want you to buy a time share. We should have known! 

  Overall the show was a good one and we look forward to next year's event!

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