Interior Department: the Good, Bad, and Very Ugly

The American Land Rights Association

Dec. 01, 2005 By Susan Eckles

YOU can have a say in who is the next Secretary of the Interior!

We have identified the TOP STAFF PEOPLE who are advising President Bush and Vice President Cheney. You MUST contact them to have your voice heard.


Here are three VERY GOOD choices, followed by one VERY BAD one, the Land Grabber John Turner.


Senator SLADE GORTON of Washington state. As a member of the Appropriations and Energy Committees, he has been a great supporter of private property rights and sharing the federal lands for both species protection and recreation, timber, grazing and mining. Unfortunately, he is leaving the Senate at the end of this year. However, the Senate's loss could be the Bush Administration's gain with Slade Gorton as Secretary of the Interior.

Congresswoman BARBARA CUBIN of Wyoming. Cubin has rapidly advanced to important positions in the House of Representatives, serving as a member of the Commerce Committee and having been just elected as a member of the House Republican leadership. She is an outspoken advocate for land owners and multiple use of federal lands. Fought against the CARA Land Grab when the chips were down and others were afraid to speak out.

Congressman RICHARD POMBO of California. Rancher, co-founder of the Citizens Land Alliance several years before being elected to Congress. Led the fight against CARA during the floor debate in the House of Representatives, and proposed amendment to protect private property inholders. Held hearings across the country exposing flaws in the Endangered Species Act. Lifetime 100% score with the League of Private Property Voters.


Land Grabber John Turner. He is currently President of the Conservation Fund. The Fund is one of the leading trust funds dedicated to threatening, dividing and isolating land owners and small towns. He is responsible for wrecking countless families and communities by his Fund working with Clinton Administration federal agents.

Here's how The Conservation Fund works. Federal agents harass small property owners with regulations such as the Endangered Species Act, prohibiting them from fixing a fence, repairing a shed or maintaining a road. After the feds drive the landowner to distraction, The Conservation Fund then offers to buy the land at a few cents per dollar of what the property is worth - take it or leave it.

This is what the Land Grabbers call "reaching common ground." And what do you know, the name of John Turner's newsletter is - you guessed it - "Common Ground."

John Turner was, of course, a great supporter of CARA, the $45 billion dollar Condemnation and Relocation Act. His fund stood to gain millions in grant money from CARA to continue its activities, and to pay Turner's salary, estimated at well into six figures, plus expense accounts, etc etc etc.

Check it out for yourself, at In particular, check out the "Conservation Leadership Network."

The Network is the leading training school that teaches federal agents and environmentalists methods of harassing land owners and kicking them off their property. The school is subsidized by your tax dollars via grants from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Big Government, Big Green. When John Turner is involved, there's not really much difference!

And he is being considered for a TOP JOB, even Secretary of Interior, in a REPUBLICAN administration!!!

Tell us what you think about this via email or fax. Contact us to receive your very own NO JOHN TURNER, NO LAND GRAB poster.

MORE IMPORTANTLY, tell the people below what you think. They all have very important roles to play in the transition process.



John Turner should have NO ROLE in the Bush Administration!

Also add your choice for Interior Secretary - Slade Gorton, Barbara Cubin, Richard Pombo, or someone else who is an ally of private property rights and multiple use of federal lands.

According to the December 20 Washington Post newspaper, these are the three key Bush-Cheney advisors leading the search committee for Secretary of the Interior, and all Interior Department appointments. Our research backs this up.

These are the people who YOU MUST CONTACT both at their regular offices and at the transition headquarters:

Tom Sansonetti. A lawyer at Holland and Hart, which is a Denver-based law firm with offices in Cheyenne and Jackson, Wyoming. He is shuttling between Denver and the Bush-Cheney transition office in the Virginia suburbs of Washington, DC. Fax (303) 295-8261.

Ann Klee. She is on loan to Bush-Cheney transition from the Senate Environment Committee.

Fax: (202) 224-5167

Kelly Johnson. She is also on loan, from the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee.

Fax: (202) 224-6163

-----Send an E-mail with your opinion to the Bush-Cheney Transition team to:

and also:


Phone: 703-918-2900
one fax: 703-918-2913
another fax: 703-918-2907

-----Write a note or letter to:

Bush-Cheney Presidential Transition Foundation, Inc.
1616 Anderson Rd
McLean, VA

ALSO WRITE (by fax or E-mail - it is URGENT)

United States SENATOR CRAIG THOMAS of Wyoming is a central player, because John Turner is a resident of Wyoming. Senator Thomas is a member of the Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee, which must approve all Interior Department nominees. As Turner's home state Senator and a member of the committee, he must approve Turner or Turner goes nowhere.

Senator Thomas is a friend, he is a great ally of private property and multiple use of federal lands. He has been named a Champion by the League of Private Property Voters numerous times as a Senator and as a Congressman before that. However, he will be under pressure to OK Turner because Turner is a Wyoming constituent. Tell Senator Thomas NO JOHN TURNER, NO LAND GRABS!

Fax a copy of the poster to Senators Craig Thomas (R-WY)
FAX - (202) 224-1724,
Wyoming FAX (307) 638-3512

Thomas chief of staff is Dan Naatz.

Thomas Legislative Director is Chris Jahn.
Fax for both: 202-224-1724

Call any Wyoming friends to urge them to contact Senator Thomas and the Transition Team about Turner.

You can call both your Senators at (202) 224-3121. Tell them NO ON TURNER!!

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