Superwinch Easter Jeep Safari Run to Top of the World

Apr. 04, 2012 By Josh Burns, Photos by Jaime Hernandez and Josh Burns
Trail leader Bill Burke guides our run with Superwinch on Top of the World.

The week of Easter Jeep Safari is really a gathering of all things Jeep. Although businesses come and highlight new product and expose their latest and greatest to the die-hard Jeep crowd that descends upon Moab, Utah, the start of the week-long event is when everyone gets together to do what we all love – wheel in beautiful off-road country.

We lined up, aired down and hit the trail to a height of 7,000 feet.

That was the case today, as Superwinch put together a great run a little outside of Moab to the Top of the World, a trail that leads up to an amazing overview above 7,000-foot elevation mark. Our group was led by four-wheel drive trainer Bill Burke (who’s out of Grand Junction, Colorado, and has offered tours and expeditions for over 25 years), while fellow 4x4 instructor Nena Barlow  (who runs tours out of Sedona, Arizona) assisted the ride as well.

Brady Lehr of High Country Performance 4x4 crawls down this ledge. 

Kevin Mackie drove out this Kaiser truck from Northern California after recently being completed. The diesel-powered Jeep was a beast on the trail.

Our group was perfect – not too large but with a few unique vehicles to chat about on stops. Kevin Mackie showed up in his Kaiser M715 on its maiden voyage. It was outfitted with a Navistar 8-liter diesel engine sitting on 40-inch Pro Comps. Brady Lehr from High Country Performance 4x4 ( showed up in his decked-out JK with enough customized panels that he claims he’s done building for now or his wife will leave him. Hugh Phillips from Safari Limited ( showed up in a diesel-powered Land Cruiser BJ75. It’s a very rare right-hand driver that was imported from Australia and is a full-blown overland adventure vehicle that has seen much of the world. Editor Josh Burns tackled this ledge in the TJ Project that has been featured on the site.

The run was great and scenic – just what was needed after cool, chilly temps on Monday following an overnight snow.

Bill Burke hits the trails with his overland-style Land Rover, breaking tradition from the typical Jeep off-road vehicle. The road less traveled seems to suit him well.

After our run, Superwinch held a seminar on winch safety with Senior Design Engineer Scott D. Peterson and Product Marketing Manager Jon Mason. Enthusiasts and media were present talking with Superwinch about its new “entry level” Tiger Shark winch and its popular Talon line. Peterson also discussed the uniqueness of Superwinch offering synthetic line on its winches directly from the factory and its specifically engineered drum that safely and securely handles the line.

Gary Plover of Superwinch crawls up the slope in Nena Barlow’s JK as she watches on.

This JK, sitting on 35s, cruised through Top of the World with ease.  

 It’s hard to put into words the breath-taking  view (literally, because it scares the breath out of you) from Top of the World.

Bill Burke and the group enjoyed lunch on the edge of the cliff.

It was a great day and a fun ride. We’re looking forward to many more before we head home from Moab. For more information on Superwinch’s different offerings, visit their website at



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