2016 SEMA Show Off-Road Highlights

Oct. 30, 2016 By Josh Burns

The 2016 SEMA Show is here, and the Speciality Equipment Manufacturers Association will again host one of the largest automotive tradeshows in existence this week from November 1-4. The show gathers the entire automotive aftermarket (and pretty much every vehicle manufacturer) at the Las Vegas Convention Center to show off the latest and greatest in new products and vehicles, all the while lining the halls and walkways with some amazing, truly over-the-top builds.

The catch with the SEMA Show is it’s closed to the public, so unless you know someone who knows someone, or you already work within the industry, you’ll nicely be denied access at the door. The good news is we’ll be there covering the show and relaying back the coolest stuff representing the off-road world. Check back throughout the week for regular updates, and check out below for news and announcements for this year’s show.

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