Tracy Jordan does it again with back to back SuperCrawl wins!

2006 UROC World Championship Supercrawl

Dec. 03, 2006 By Michael and Jodi Weaver
SuperCrawl V - Day 2

11:30am Update


Under clear blue skies and a bit of a chilly breeze, the action is well underway here at the Firebird Raceway in Chandler, Arizona. Today's competition will consist of 3 more obstacles followed by a final shootout course for the top scoring teams in both classes.

So far today Brad and Roger Lovell (last years SuperCrawl Modified Champions) fell victim to insurmountable engine problems and had to call it a day after just one obstacle. Also in the Modified class Team Pure Adrenaline - RJ and Joe Brown blew up their rear ring and pinion on the first course of the day.

In the Super Modified Class there is a three way tie for first place, with a total score of -24 between Shannon Campbell, Bruce Zeller and Marty Hart. For second there is a two way tie between Jason Scherrer and Tracy Jordan just one point behind the leaders at -23.

Larry Trim - Team #123 with only seconds to spare he took his final attempt to throttle through the end gates but ended up rolling over hard.

In the Mod Class - Driver Mike Cole along with Spotter Jeff Grande went through painstaking measures to set up and miss the gates narrowly averting carnage.

With only 11 seconds to spare Team Rage 4th crossed the end gates on course #3, an obstacle that many other competitors were timing out on.

Update Mid Day

Team #425 - The Wombat being driven by Danny Rohrer and spotter Chad Rolfert, slid on its side all the way down one of the vertical climbs on Course #6. Tried as he might to self right the vehicle with some fancy wheel maneuvers he was unable to get it back on all four.

Skyjacker Sponsored Garrett Sisson did an incredible job negotiating the #6 obstacle that only 2 others made all day only to have mechanical failure on the final vertical wall climb at the end and timed out.

Dean " The Iceman" Bulloch - crawlin as only he can.

Heading into the Shootout for the Modified Class we have

1. Brian Errea

2. Steve Bulloch

3. Dean Bulloch

4. Carl Nielson

5. Danny Rohrer

6. Tsuda Naozumi

The Super Modified Class Shootout will look like this

1.Tracy Jordan

2.Jason Scherrer

3.Jason Bunch

4.Bruce Zeller

5.Marty Hart

6.Jason Paule

This years Super Mod Shootout is going to be an interesting rematch between Jordan and Scherrer. With only 17 points separating these two exceptional drivers this promises to be a dramatic final.

Final Update

Tracy Jordan does it again with back to back SuperCrawl wins.

Twisted Customs Brian Errea and Joachim Schweisow dominated the Modified Class - Winning by more than 50 points. Newsletter
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