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Club Name: 4 PLAY
Type of Club: 4X4 vehicles - any and all.

Location: Lubbock, TX US
Meetings are held: 2nd Thursday of month.
Contact: David Teague Phone: 806-795-6980 - E-mail: 4PLAY@HUB.OFTHE.NET
Contact: Jaime Gregory Phone: 806-794-1953 - E-mail: NA
Club URL: None
Submitted by: David Teague - 4PLAY@HUB.OFTHE.NET

Club Name: 4x4 Discoverer's
Type of Club: Open to any 4x4 with tow hooks and skid plates.
Location: Paris, TX, USA
Meetings are held: The meetings are monthly and flexible. Call for information (903)785-8786
Contact: Chris or Melissa Shoemate - Phone: (903)785-8786 - Email: same as above
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Chris & Melissa Shoemate

Club Name: 4x4 & More of Texas
Type of Club: Open to all 4x4s.
Location: Lubbock, TX USA
Meetings are held: Monthly at differant locations
Contact: B.T.or Brenda Sorrells Phone: (806) 799-2808 - E-mail: Btsorrel@aol.com
Contact: Joey McCall Phone: (806)796-2373 - E-mail: (null)
Club URL: http://www.geocities.com/FWDNUT_2000/
Submitted by: Bruce Schwartz - snbschwar@sptc.net - 28Aug00

Club Name: 4 X FANATICS
Type of Club: Open to most any 4X4 - except full size vehicles, sorry too big.

Location: San Antonio, TX USA
Meetings are held: No schedules at this time.
Contact: Todd Hoffmaster Phone: 210-645-0955 - E-mail: THOFFMASTER@SAGATE1.KELLY.AF.MIL
Contact: DENNIS HAWN Phone: 210-674-4033 - E-mail: big4xman@hotmail.com
Club URL: None

Club Name: Brushcountry 4x4 & Street Trucks of SouthTexas
Type of Club: Open to any 4x4 & Street Trucks.
Location: Falfurrias, TX U.S.A.
Meetings are held: Accepting new members. Date, time and place TBA.
Contact: Albert Almendarez Phone: 512-325-2696 - E-mail: Birdz76@hotmail.com
Club URL: What?
Submitted by: Albert Almendarez - Birdz76@hotmail.com

Club Name: CC Land Cruisers
Type of Club: Land Cruisers Only
Location: Corpus Christi, TX, US
Meetings are held: Every Other Month: Jan, March, May, July, Sept, Nov. First Sat of the Month at 10:00 am in the Cullen Mall Parking LOT. Airline & Alameda.
Contact: Charles Cromwell - Phone: 512.887.0520 - Email: clc@ciris.net
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Charles Cromwell - clc@ciris.net

Club Name: Dark Canyon Off Road Klub
Type of Club: Make a trip or two, camp in Dark Canyon, go over Dinner Hill (one way or the other), and/or just be interesting.

Location: Kermit, TX USA
Meetings are held: Semi Annual (sometimes more often) camping & Off Road trips to the Guadalupe Mountains in S. E. New Mexico.
Contact: Randall Dunn Phone: (915) 586-9128 - E-mail: randall@mteglobal.com
Contact: Mark Taylor Phone: (915) 586-2405 - E-mail: mark@mteglobal.com
Club URL: http://mteglobal.com/dcork/index.htm
Submitted by: Randall Dunn - dcork@mteglobal

Club Name: Forth Worth Dallas - Four Wheel Drive
Type of Club: Our club is 26 years old with a membership of 110 assorted 4WD vehicles. We are widely known as FWD-FWD.
Location: Dallas, TX, USA
Meetings are held: Meetings 2nd and 4th Tuesdays @ 7:30 (every month), Lee's Four Wheel Drive, I-35 @ Beltline Road, Carrollton, Texas, 972-446-8112
Contact: Rick Neil (President) RANeil@aol.com
Contact: Keith George (Membership Chairman) georgk@uf9623p01.DallasTX.ncr.com
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Jim Cason - CASJ1@aptpcs.com

Club Name: Heart of Texas 4WD Club
Type of Club: We are a club open to any Full or Down size short wheelbase 4x4.  Trails and rock crawlin are our main activities.
Location: Waco, TX USA
Meetings are held: First Tuesday of every month.
Contact: Victor Garced Phone: 254/857-9087 - E-mail: lhernan272@aol.com
Contact: Johny Hernandez Phone: 254/799-8373 - E-mail: lhernan272@aol.com
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Victor Garced - lhernan272@aol.com

Type of Club: Chevrolet 4X4's only.

Location: Brownsville, TX U.S.A.
Meetings are held: Friday evenings 7:00 until whenever we are finished.  Meetings are held in front of Builders Square.
Contact: JON TAYLOR Phone: NA - E-mail: GREEN294@AOL.COM
Club URL: NA
Submitted by: JON TAYLOR - GREEN294@AOL.COM

Club Name: Jeeps of East Texas
Type of Club: Jeeps of East Texas is a new club (formed Feb. 2000) devoted to Jeeps in the great East Texas area. While the majority of our membership centers around Longview and Tyler we have members in Houston, Athens and even Little Rock, Arkansas. While the club is relatively new we have members with many years of Jeep and off-road experience. We provide a bi-monthly newsletter to our members to inform them of local happenings in the off-road scene including a calendar of off-road events, trail reports and pictures from members who have attended local off-road runs and a small classified trading section. We meet monthly for some kind of Jeep related event. We are actively assisting in the development of Barnwell Mountain Recreation Area (BMRA), a new off-road park owned by Texas Motorized Trails Coalition (TMTC). Located
outside of Gilmer, Texas BMRA offers the best & closest off-roading in our area outside of Arkansas or Oklahoma. Jeeps of East Texas is affiliated with Southwest Four Wheel Drive Association (SWFWDA).
Location: 1775 CR 108, Overton, Texas 75684
Meetings are held: ?
Contact: Jack B. Slack Phone:  903-834-4150 E-mail: jslack@slackranch.com
Contact: Dr. Dick Stuart Phone: 903-297-5730 E-mail: DrDickst@aol.com

Club URL: http://www.JeepET.com/
Submitted by: Jack B. Slack - jslack@slackranch.com - 14Sep00

Club Name: Jeeps of North Texas
Type of Club: Jeep and 4wd club.

Location: Plano, TX U.S
Meetings are held: To be arranged
Contact: Dan Stalfire Phone: 1(972)423-2195 E-mail: dstalfire@aol.com

Contact: President: Chris Jones E-mail: Chris_Jones-TX@adc.com
Club URL: http://www.jeepn.com
Submitted by: President: Chris Jones - Chris_Jones-TX@adc.com - 22Aug00

Club Name: Lone Star Jeep Club
Type of Club:Jeep club
Mesquite, TX, U.S.

Meetings are held:Second Thursday of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Huffhines Chrysler Jeep Dodge Lewisville (http://www.huffineschryslerjeepdodgelewisville.com), 1024 S. Stemmons, Lewisville, TX 75067, 866-443-9068
George Rice, Membership Director Contact: Chris Reed, President

Club URL:http://www.lonestarjeepclub.org/
Submitted by: Member: Roy Battles, 15Apr08

Club Name: Longhorn Offroad
Type of Club: Longhorn Offroad is an officially registered club with the University of Texas in Austin, Texas. The members of LHOR have
come together to offer a fun, safe, automotive atmosphere where people can learn how to properly operate and maintain their vehicles on and
offroad. Membership in this club is open to all students, faculty, and alumni of the University of Texas. Learn the limits and capabilities of
your vehicle!!!
University of Texas at Austin, TX

Meetings are held: As of now, official meetings are held at Player's on the corner of Guadalupe and MLK around 7:30 each first and third
Wednesday of the month. Come early and grab a burger. Meetings subject to change, members will be notified.
President: Cameron Chin E-mail: longhornoffroad@addr.com

Club URL: http://www.longhornoffroad.addr.com
Submitted by: President: Cameron Chin - longhornoffroad@addr.com

Type of Club: New club open for any 4X4.

Location: Tyler and surrounding areas, TX U.S.A.
Meetings are held: None scheduled yet.
Contact: Johnny Mayo Phone: PGR-(903)595-9143 - E-mail: jmayoii@aol.com
Club URL: None
Submitted by: Johnny Mayo - jmayoii@aol.com

Club Name: San Antonio Jeep Exclusive
Type of Club: Jeeps only.

Location: San Antonio, Austin, Rio Grande Valley, TX USA
Meetings are held: Third Tuesday of every month, 7:30 p.m. at Selma City Bar & Grill on IH 35, north of San Antonio
Contact: Club Email E-mail: saje@rubicon.off-road.com
Contact: Marcia Cromley Phone: (210) 733-7488 - E-mail: mcromley@pobox.com
Club URL: http://www.txdirect.net/users/gmason
Submitted by: Marcia Cromley - mcromley@pobox.com

Club Name: SCATT
Type of Club: Looking to form a club for riders of Spring Creek in northern Houston area. Suzukis, Jeeps, and Import P/Us only please.

Location: Spring/ Houston, TX USA
Meetings are held: Email me at JPG77373@aol.com for more info. Meetings will be held weather permitting and notices will be made 2+ weeks in advance.
Contact: J.P. Phone: (281) 821 1654 - E-mail: JPG77373@aol.com
Contact: Grady M. Phone: (281) 821 0900 - E-mail: Samurai33s@aol.com
Club URL: http://members.aol.com/jpg77373/scatt.html
Submitted by: J. Gorski - JPG77373@aol.com

Club Name: Southern High Rollers 4x4 Club
Type of Club: All brands, family style off-road club for the Greater Houston Area.
Location: Houston, TX USA
Meetings are held: Meeting every third Saturday of the month, at least one run per month and several larger trips per year.
Chris Pagan  Phone: 281-298-9520 E-mail: secretary@southernhighrollers.com
Club URL:
Submitted by: Chris Pagan - Secretary@SouthernHighRollers.Com - 18Jul03

Club Name: South Texas Offroad Club
Type of Club: Any and All 4X4's willing to participate! We are in the process of forming the club. If you are interested send a mail to signup@southtexasoffroad.com

Location: South Texas, TX USA
Meetings are held: To be announced.
Contact: Sean McLeod Phone: (210) 342-5101 - E-mail: Sean@southtexasoffroad.com
Contact: Bryan McLeod Phone: (210) 342-5101 - E-mail: Bryan@southtexasoffroad.com
Club URL: http://www.southtexasoffroad.com
Submitted by: Sean McLeod - Sean@Southtexasoffroad.com

Club Name: Sun Country Jeep Club
Type of Club: All 4X4s.
Location: El Paso, TX U.S.A.
Meetings are held: 1st Thursday of the month at the Riviera Restaurant at Doniphan and Thorn, on the west side of El Paso. Go to the web site for a strip map.
Contact: Keith Woody Phone: (915) 821-9201 - E-mail: None
Contact: Bill Johnston Phone: (915) 822-8807 - E-mail: scjc@off-road.com
Club URL: http://www.off-road.com/~scjc
Submitted by: Bill Johnston -
Media Editor, billjohn@off-road.com

Club Name: Texas A&M Of-Road
Type of Club: This club is open to anyone (but focused towards people in the Brazos Valley area, especially Texas A&M students (past and present) and Blinn students) who may want to participate in off-road outings. Off-road enthusiasm is more important than any certain vehicle.

Location: College Station, TX USA
Meetings are held: Regular meetings and get-togethers are held during the fall and spring semesters (plus informal summer events).
Contact: David Ohendalski Phone: (409) 847-4748 - E-mail: dso3073@tamu.edu
Contact: Aaron Burbach Phone: (409) 847-4748 - E-mail: asb4956@labs.tamu.edu
Club URL: http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Dunes/4399/tamor.html
Submitted by: David Ohendalski - davido@tamu.edu

Club Name: Texas badlands 4x4 club
Type of Club: Open to all 4x4 , meetings once a month with one or two trips a month , located in the Dallas /Fort Worth metroplex
Location: Arlington, TX USA
Meetings are held: Call voice mail at (817)368-7022 for more info..
Contact: Temo Jaime Phone: (817)368-7022 - E-mail: ibtemo@msn.com
Contact: Trevor Hooper Phone: (817)368-7022 - E-mail: ibtemo@msn.com
Club URL: None
Submitted by: Temo or Trevor - ibtemo@msn.com

Type of Club: Toyota Land Cruiser or Toyota four wheel drive vehicle.
Location: Houston, Texas
Meetings are held: During 2nd Saturday of each month at Prince's Hamburger, 8808 Westheimer, 7:00pm.
Contact: Steve Sabo Phone: E-mail: ssabo@ev1.net
Contact: Club Phone: E-mail:
Club URL: http://users.ev1.net/~ssabo/TLCC/homepage.html
Submitted by: Steve Sabo, President TLCC-H - ssabo@ev1.net - 29Aug00

Club Name: TX4X4 Cyber Club
Type of Club: Virtual 4X4
Location: Local Chapters in each Texas city-Virtual
Meetings are held: No meetings. We use the TX4X4 mailing list.
Contact: Baytown Bert Marshall, President Phone: 281-427-6408 E-mail: gilbert@wt.net
Club URL: http://web.wt.net/~gilbert/tx4x4.htm
Submitted by: Baytown Bert Marshall, President - gilbert@wt.net

Club Name: TX Mud Dawgs 4WD Club
Type of Club: Open to all vehicles w/ or w/o off-road capabilities.
Location: Southeast, Texas USA
Meetings are held: TBA
Contact: Marcus Southerland Phone: 409-466-7574 E-mail: LTown7584@aol.com
Club URL: Under Construction
Submitted by: Marcus Southerland, President, Co-Founder - 14Mar04

Type of Club:
Meetings are held:
Club URL:
Submitted by:

Type of Club: Must be a student at West Texas A&M. Must be willing to learn environmentally safe four-wheeling.
Location: Canyon, TX USA
Meetings are held: Meetings are monthly and flexible.
Contact: Brad Wilcox  - Phone: (806) 656-3530 - Email: BRWI9461@WTAMU-PCLAB.WTAMU.EDU
Contact: JASON INGRAM - Phone: (806) 656-3530 - Email: JAIN0707@WTAMU-PCLAB.WTAMU.EDU
Submitted by: Brad Wilcox - BRWI9461@WTAMU-PCLAB.WTAMU.EDU

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Club Name:
Type of Club:
Meetings are held:
Contact: Phone: E-mail:
Contact: Phone: E-mail:

Club URL:
Submitted by:

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