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Club Name: Adrenaline Off-Road
Type of Club: Most 4wds. Requirements are on web site
Location: Greeneville, TN
Meetings are held: When we want to meet
Contact: Adam Berryhill Phone: 423-470-2429 Email: salb3039@hotmail.com
Club URL: http://www.geocities.com/adrenalineoffroad04
Submitted by: Adam Berryhill - salb3039@hotmail.com - 21Jun04

Type of Club: Any 4x4 owner.
Location: Oak Ridge, TN USA
Meetings are held: First Tuesday each month at 7pm.
Contact: Jeff Lloyd - Phone: 615-691-2128 - Email: SCRANGLER@AOL.COM
Contact: Greg Griffith - Phone: 615-482-6912 - Email: (null)
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Jeff Lloyd - SCRANGLER@AOL.COM

Club Name: East Tennessee 4WD
Type of Club: We accept all 4X4 vehicles from stock to extremely modified.  Rides monthly.

Location: Alcoa, TN USA
Meetings are held: We meet at Hooters in Alcoa, TN the first Monday of every month (unless it's a holiday, then the following Monday) at 7 PM.
Contact: David Borum Phone: 865-856-8958 - E-mail: N24Wheel@usit.net
Club URL: http://www.et4wd.org
Submitted by: David Borum - N24Wheel@usit.net - 27Feb04

Club Name: East Tennessee Ridge Runners
Type of Club: ???
Location: Kodak, TN USA
Meetings are held: ??
Contact: Lester Shults - Phone: (615)933-3158
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Dennis Noes - DENNIS_NOES@hpatc.desk.hp.com

Club Name: Middle Tennessee Christian Jeep Club
Type of Club: Jeeps only
Location: Hendersonville, TN USA
Meetings are held: ??
Contact: Bob Kirby - Phone: (615)822-1496 - Email: (null)
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Dennis Noes - DENNIS_NOES@hpatc.desk.hp.com

Club Name: Middle Tennessee Trail Runners
Type of Club: Family-oriented, open to any 4X4, trailrides monthly

Location: Coffee County, TN USA (Manchester,Tullahoma,Winchester Area)
Meetings are held: Last Thursday of every month @ 6:00 p.m. @ the Oaks Family Restaurant in Manchester, TN.
Contact: Greg Fox Phone: 615.393.4379 - E-mail: gfox@edge.net
Contact: Peter Ruby Phone: 423.886.2173 - E-mail: peter5337@aol.com
Club URL: http://www.netmatter.com/trailrunners
Submitted by: Louie Belt - louieb@netmatter.com

Club Name: Scenic City 4WD Club (formerly Chattanooga Mudslingers)
Type of Club: Any 4x4 Owner.
Location: Chattanooga, TN USA
Meetings are held: 2nd Tuesday of Month 7:30pm Wally's Restaraunt (East Ridge, TN)
Contact: Donnie Wise - Phone: (706)866-0254 - Email: (null)
Contact: Greg Daughtrey - Phone: (423)842-5250 - Email: BDJEEP2@aol.com
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Brian Daughtrey - BDJEEP2@aol.com 

Club Name: Tennessee Valley Four Wheelers, INC.
Type of Club: Club accepts most 4WD's.
Location: P.O. Box 1051, Harriman, Tennessee 37748
Meetings are held: Meeting are held every first Monday of each month at 7:30PM at Shoney's Restaurant in Harriman at I-40.
Contact: Reuben Burgess - Phone: (423) 324-2382 - Email: NUBINSWORLD@HIGHLAND.NET
Club URL: http://www.ufwda.org/sfwda/tvfw/
Submitted by: Reuben Burgess - NUBINSWORLD@HIGHLAND.NET

Club Name: Traxx In Motion
Type of Club: Open to all four wheel drive vehicles

Location: Nashville, TN USA
Meetings are held: Meetings are held on the 1st Sunday of the month at El Mariachis Mexican rest. on Thompson Lane. Trail rides are on the 2nd weekend of the month.
Contact: David Moore (Pres.) Phone: 615-662-1105- E-mail: DRM033@aol.com
Contact: Chris Yorke (Vice Pres.) Phone: 615-793-6665 - E-mail: yorke1@mcione.com
Club URL: http://www.tennessee4x4.com/traxx
Submitted by: Chris Yorke - yorke1@mcione.com

Club Name: Volunteer Four Wheel Drive Club
Type of Club: ???
Location: Cleveland, TN USA
Meetings are held: ??
Contact: Tim Bacon - Phone: (615)479-7536 - Email: (null)
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Dennis Noes - DENNIS_NOES@hpatc.desk.hp.com

Club Name: Xtreme 4x4-Columbia Off-Road Xtreme
Type of Club: Serious off-road club
Location: Columbia, TN
Meetings are held: Third sunday every month
Contact: Keith Throneberry Phone: 931-381-1745 E-mail: Iceman21@edge.net
Submitted by:
webmaster philip brickner - philcox@coxinc2000.com - 30Aug00

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