Tech Day: 2007 Skyjacker UROC RockCross Round #1

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Aug. 17, 2007 By Katrina Ramser
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH -- What is all this madness? That's a rhetorical question, sports fans. The RockCross event brochure is referring to how this game is played. 

Going over the old-rock crawl, now the new-RockCross course here at Rocky Mountain Raceway during Tech, you're going to see racing excitement tomorrow when our brave heroes line up in groups of three on the one-and-only course and just go for on the drop of a green flag together, creating what will enviably be a lot of vehicle contact. 


Back up. ORC just caught up with Ranch Pratt of UROC during Tech, who says RockCross is not like XRRA, another similar sanctioning body bringing fast rock racing action. "Nothing like this has ever been done," he stated. Pratt explained tomorrow will begin at 9am with a qualifying round, where teams take two laps around the course, one at a time. Here best times are recorded (for both a Pro Mod and an Unlimited class), determining what each trio bracket will look like. Let's say Shannon Campbell has the fastest time, followed by Nate Williams and then Cottin Rodd. Campbell will be in one bracket, Williams in another, and Rodd in a third. Campbell will be matched up with what would be the fourth fastest driver, and so on down the line for Williams and Rodd. Think of each bracket having a fast, medium and slow. It builds drama for the next step, the eliminations.

There might be a lull in excitement because the Finals do not start until 6pm. Pratt estimates the event will end earlier than 10pm, the previously expected hour of finish. Nevertheless, Pratt said this format "overcomes the inherent problems of rock crawling" -- referring to how a crawling event has a tenancy to move slower.


Pratt admitted his excitement was twinged with a bit of nervousness over this new venture. Who wouldn't be wondering if it was all going to work out? Are the fans going to be there? Are the competitors going to like it? The grand total of competitors is touching down in the low 20's. Headlining names include: Campbell, Brad Lovell, Williams, Joachim Schweisow, Rodd, Ben Hanks, Clay Egan, along with lots of other Utah locals. Expected participants Rick Deremo, an incredibly talented rock racer, and Dean Bullock, another great driver in his right, won't be making the event.

Tomorrow, RockCross is not supposed to be about beating the clock. To quote directly from the pamphlet, "it's about beating living, breathing competition that wants nothing more than to beat you."

Gentlemen, good luck to you and your rig tomorrow! Stay tuned and by the seat of your pants because everyone around here is going to be! BF Goodrich is going to bring you full coverage with editorial and photos as quick as we can get the goods. We won't let you miss it!

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