SuperCrawl V - Day One Action

2006 UROC World Championship Supercrawl

Dec. 02, 2006 By Michael and Jodi Weaver
SuperCrawl V - Day One

December 2, 2006 - Mid-Morning Update


With a beautiful morning and highs forecast to be in the 70's today, SuperCrawl V has gotten underway. UROC has added several new sections to the course area here in what is being billed as the worlds largest man-made rock crawling area.

Over the two classes (Modified Stock and Super Stock) there are more than 50 teams in the field of competitors and 5 countries represented (USA, Canada, Japan, Mexico and Australia) to set the stage for some great wheeling this weekend.

The defending Champions - Tracy Jordan in the Super Modified class and Brad Lovell in the Modified class are looking to retain their titles, but with the likes of Shannon Campbell, Jason Paule and Jesse Haines it may be quite the battle for Jordan. Meanwhile, Dean Bulloch (2004 Champion) and Brian Errea are going to be breathing down Brad Lovells neck for a chance at the title in the Modified Class.

Driver Brian Cook and Spotter Matt Heimsoth (Team Climax) did some great brody action on Obstacle #4 to finish the course on time with a score of -6.

Twisted Customs/RockRunner Racing - Brian Errea and Joachin Schweisow completed course #2 with their own unique style, backing through gates to get perfectly lined up for the next set of gates to come. They definitely always run their own race or in this case Crawl.

Eldon Whitworth representing Mexico is piloting this Jeep ( the closest thing we've seen to a stock vehicle all year). With non-beadlocked wheels and manual transmission he gave it his all. Unfortunately he flopped over after attempting a vertical wall climb.

In his Karnivore 2 - Tuff Country sponsored Mount Logan built rig, Nate Williams along with Spotter Josh Ayers did a masterful job negotiating Course #6.

Obstacle #6 has claimed many victims today with its' multiple steep wall climbs. Here Dallas Luttrell and Bill Billington make it look easy.

Team Rage 4th - Jason Scherrer and Lance Clifford - sponsored by Southwest Ground Control - did an awesome job of team work. Even with a concussion suffered by Scherrer just a day before. He said something about tripping and hitting his head. (Ya right)

Afternoon Update

The action is back in full swing after a bit of a disruption due to the recovery crane toppling over on its side. The recovery of the crane took some creative thinking to get it back on its wheels, but now all is well and best of all no one was injured.

From the Badlands Fab shop comes the Apache being driven by Jerry Beck and Spotter Timmy Driscol. This rig is allot of fun to watch with its' Corvette motor mounted sideways in the chassis.

Driver Naozumi Tsuda of Japan in the Super Mod Class. This wild looking Toyota FJ is sporting a Lexus V8 - and it sounds sexy.

Brad and Roger Lovell unfortunately caught on fire and were not allowed to progress any further. He apparently lost his steering due to a belt and there is even talk that he may have seized his motor.

Shannon Campbell with brother Nick spotting, was definitely a hometown crowd favorite. Showing off his skills and just why he was named "DirtSports 2005 Driver of the Year." With a flawless day it looks like he is going to be the one to beat tomorrow in the Super Mod Class.

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