Sunday Coverage ProRock Competition

Couger Buttes, Ca

Mar. 11, 2005 By Chris Geiger
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Jason Scherer
Wins ProROCK

Jason, the new owner of "Tiny" drives into the top spot this weekend and takes first place in Trophy Class despite suffering total  transmission failure on the last course. Both Jason and second place finisher Cody Waggoner suffered terminal transmission problems on the same obstacle of course #9. Both rigs are nearly identical in design and both suffered the same transmission failure one right after the other. Both rigs were towed out. Jason Beat out Cody by just 10 points.

Final Event Scores

Trophy Class:


Team #


Total Score
1 13 Jason Scherer/Aaron Goodrich 500
2 117 Cody Waggoner/Mike Berard 490
3 88 Joel McClure/Raul Frias 479
4 999 Bob Standage/Tom Ahern 350
5 29 Jason Bunch/Steve Hastings 204

Super Stock Class:
Place Team #


Total Score
1 009 Dean Bulloch/Karl Munford 387
2 001 Brian Errea/Joachim Schweisow 366
3 262 Mike Bailey/Troy Bailey 238
4 666 Tom Ahern/Bob Standage 212
5 23 Brian Wickert/Pete Wagner 122
6 32 Garrett Sisson/Pete Wagner 118
7 555 RJ Brown/Joe Brown 92

Modified Stock Class:
Place Team #


Total Score
1 619 Jody Everding/Jack Graef 486
2 007 Dan Patterson/Bob Roggy 458
3 22 Kathy Crook/Mark McGee 433
4 58 Renee Lebaron/Ted Lebaron 246

Dean Bulloch and Karl Munford took first place in the Super Stock Class 21 points ahead of second place Brian Errea. Dean had minor problemns with his steering assist but the light Samurai did the job. Dean's pit crew follows in their own tricked out Suzuki, check them out side by side below.

Team# 619 Jody Everding & Jack Graef finish first in Modified Stock Class with 486 points for the event. Jack (above right) jumps for joy! Jody (above left) helps with spotting duties when he's not busy driving.

Team  #555 Brown & Brown Just completed this building their new rig just before coming out this week to compete. Day one they had a minor water hose problem but day two the rocks took their toll. The panhard bar came off and allowed the axle to swing into the tranny, breaking the housing like an egg (right).

Team #32 Garrett Sisson & Pete Wagner take an out of bound penalty on Trophy course #9 after backing up and under the tape (above and left).

#29 Cody Waggoner took a hard roll and landed like a cork in a bottle at the bottom of course #T7 (above and right). Team Fabtech runs it right to the edge but maintains control on course T8 (below).

Driving the Maxxis Modified Stock rig Dan Patterson with spotter Bob Roggy. They are sitting in second place with 236 point as of Saturday night (above & right).

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