Sunday Coverage Pro Rock Competition

Cedar City, Utah

Jun. 24, 2005 By Chris Geiger

June 25-26 , 2005

By Chris & Jack Geiger

Event Photos

Final Scores

Driver Score Place
Cody Waggoner 378 1st
Jennifer Little 308 2nd
Lance Clifford 269 3rd
Zack Szczech 199 4th
Troy Antill 195 5th
Pepper 157 6th
Super Stock
Dean Bulloch 288 1st
Garrett Sisson 188 2nd
Mike Bailey 154 3rd
Matt Carson 34 4th
JP Offroad
Modified Stock
Troy Bailey 381 1st
Jody Everding 352 2nd
Buzz Bronsema 334 3rd
Bob Roggy 319 4th
Renee LeBaron 260 5th
Meighan Laurie 227 6th
James Andrus 203 7th
Eric Hackney 82 8th


Cody Waggoner wins his second in a row ProROCK trophy class competition. With two wins and one second place finish he has a solid grip on the the championship series. Cody and his spotter Mike Berard worked through the rocks like clock work. Codys rig Roxanne worked flawlessly all weekend without so much as a hiccup.

Local team Dean "Ice Man" Bulloch and spotter "Krazy" Karl Mumford pull off their third in a row win here in Cedar City. The team is truly "On Track" for a series win. The team over came a number of minor problems over the weekend and finished a full 100 points ahead of second place. Wow what a finish.

Finishing first in the Modified stock is the Team of Troy Bailey and Travis Hezlingto. Troy drove with finesse and never seemed to break seat. Like a true professional, he just made just look easy.

Having a much harder time in the Modified stock class, Renee LeBaron does a turn on the front bumper as the rear of her Jeep went up and over. With just seconds on the clock Renee  throttled her Jeep through the finish line on her side, just barely getting the rear axle past the finish gate. Only 3 seconds remained on the clock. The crowd went wild watching her press her Jeep through the course with courage and perseverance.

A mechanical failure on the first course Saturday resulted in a roll over for the RawX Team. They clawed their way back and finished Saturday tied for third place. Sunday did not start off much better with an incomplete course. W ith the deck stacked against them, Jody and Jack worked hard to regain the 60 points between them and first place.

At the end of Sunday, RawX Racing had made an impressive comeback finishing in 2nd place, only 29 points behind first. Although the teams winning streak had to come to an end, the second place finish does not harm their standings in the Pro Rock series. With only one more event remaining in the series, RawX Racing is well positioned to take the 2005 Series Championship.


King Pirate Lance Clifford has really been driving his Shaffer Off Road built rig hard this weekend. Lance repeatedly put the hammer down and pulled out a third place in the trophy class. Lance decided at the last minute to run this event and turned to local wheeler Bryan Hill for spotter duties. Bryan worked his butt off for Lance moving piles of rock where ever Lance needed them. Lance normally runs Toyo Tires but the sharp rocks here in Cedar City managed to rip a small hole in in his front right tire early Sunday morning. Lance had not brought a spare tire and was hunting around to a spare tire wheel with a six bolt wheel pattern. Nearly every rig at the competition had five or eight lug wheels. After much searching, Team HBRK came to the rescue with a spare Maxxis tire on a on of their new six bolt bead lock wheels. The spare was a perfect fit and put Lance and Bryan back in the hunt.

At the last event Bob Hazel felt the courses could have been just a bit more challenging. So this event he turned up the heat a bit and really made some challenging courses. Drivers were having some serious problems completing some of the courses on Saturday. Sunday's courses were brought down a notch after some of the drivers pleaded for some releaft from the punishing southern Utah rocks.

A broken D44 Ujoint took out Eric Hackney and Dave Lubiszews. Unable to find a replacement joint on site he had no choice but to load up the truck and call it a day. Eric has contacted the Owner of CTM for a set of Jack's incredible U-joints. Eric say he will be coming back for the series final in Cougar Buttes.

Today's coverage is being broadcast from the Team Waggoner trailer at the event site. Thanks for the use of your trailer guys!


Assorted Short Clips

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Team RawX Roll Over

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Team HBRK roll

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Renee Slides Into Home!
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During the weekend we shot over 2,000 photos. Over the next few days the best of these photo will be uploaded here so stop back by during the week!

The ProROCK competition final event will be held September 10-11, 2005 at Cougar Buttes CA and ORC will be there with camera's in hand! Newsletter
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