Saturday Coverage Pro Rock Competition

Farmington, NM

Apr. 30, 2005 By Chris Geiger

April 30 - May 1 , 2005

Friday's clouds rolled back and sun came on strong for Saturday's competition. Thousands of spectators came out to watch 13 rigs in three classes compete on the rocks of Farmington including thirty Police officers that came out in mass from SantaFe to enjoy the weekend watching the competition.

Day one scores





Trophy Class

Cody Waggoner



Super Stock Class

Dean Bulloch



Peter Wells

220 2
  Garrett Sisson 175 3
  Jim Peterson 169 4
  Bailey 168 5
  Joachim Schwiesow 117 6
  RJ Brown 106 7
  Zak Szckeck 62 8
  Henery Gish 41 9
Mod Stock Class Jody Everding 236 1
  John Foutz 163 2
  Renee Labaron 162 3



John Foutz Jeep "Monsterslayer" is powered by  4.3L Vortec motor and TH350 auto transmission. An Atlas case with 3.8 gears splits the power to a pair of Dana 60 axles equipped with ARB lockers and 4.88 gears. The axles are reinforced with a pair of CTM indestructible Ujoints.

The Wellsbilt team consists of brothers Peter "Shaggy" and Franky "yota". Franky uses a unique tool to help with spotting duties, a PCV pipe with rubber caps. When on course he wealds his "staff" like Yota in the last Star Wars movie. I watched as the brothers worked together and was amazed at how effective it was for showing the driver where he was driving and how close to he was to cones. Franky would place his staff just to the inside of a cone. Peter was able to see exactly where the cone was. Franky also used the staff to point to objects in front of the rig. The staff is the same width as the center to center of tires on the rig. When the team walks a course use the staff to help visualize tire placement as they walk through. The Wellsbilt chassis was built by the brothers at home. A 401 motor powers the rig via a 707 transmission and a "flipped" Dana 300 transfer case. A new axle builder on the seen Climax Hardcore, built the custom Dana 60 Axles. Filling the pumpkins are prototype Eton Electric locking differentials and 4.88 gears.

Jody Everding is testing a set of CTM's prototype high angle U joints. These joints are capable of turning up to an increasable 45 degrees. That offers some serious sharp turning. Additional modifications will be done soon to the front steering and suspension to allow this new joint to go all the way to its limits. 

Cody Waggoner pulled out a 280 score today on the same course as the Super-Stock class. With the score the team is running near the bottom of the pack in the trophy class today. After talking to the team, I think they will turn things around tomorrow and I am predicting a win for this hard working team!

The Farmington Football team came out and setup a Booth (below) for selling lunches. They had some great meals on sale at low prices. Proceeds from the sales is going toward new uniforms for the team. About 60 team members are volunteering at the event site for crowd control, parking, cleanup and other tasks.

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