Saturday Coverage Pro Rock Competition

Cougar Buttes, Ca

Sep. 24, 2004 By Chris Geiger
On course Trophy #1 Jon Bundrant performed a spectacular roll and flip. First he rolled onto his roof and then without stopping, hammers the throttle hard. Catching the front tires, "Tiny" flips end over end, landing back on all four. Without hesitating, Jon was back on course.

Click to see frame by frame action!

Get That Thing Out of Here! Look at the size of that rock! Team spotter Papola pulled this huge rock off his brother. The rock broke off and landed inside the cab on top of the steering wheel. The rock just barely scraped Ed Papola knuckles when it landed. Good thing the steering wheel was there to catch it, that rock could have some some serious damage to Ed's legs.

Shannon Campbell and his spotter, look over the rocks before their run (above). The look on Shannon's face shows the difficulty of the trail head. Ed Papola #319 was the first driver. As Ed was climbing the most difficult section two huge chunks of wall were pulled down with his front tires (right).
Mitch Guthrie and Jon Bundrant are tied for the series win in this, the last of four events. With a blip of the throttle, Guthrie pops up onto the front of "Tiny" in a friendly pushing contest. As of this morning the two were tied for event points as well, this one is going to be close!
Megan Lorie #31 one of six rigs in the modified stock class was on course #2 when she was hit in the face by here air bags! Seems the stock 1997 Wrangler is designed so that the air bags won't go off when in low range. This feature was bypassed last year when the transfer case was replaced with an Atlas. The air bags deployed when the front left frame rail hit the rocks.
Cody Waggoner and Jack Graef are sitting in first place in the Modified Stock Class at the end of day one. Cody's Wife Lindsey sports pom-poms and supports the team with cheerleading duty! Team Waggoner is currently sitting in 3rd place for series points.

Noon Update: All the dogs big and small are out here on the rocks at ProROCK this weekend. Drivers, spotters and thousands of spectators. Film crews from the Outdoor channel, Discover channel and six different top off road magazines, but only ORC is broadcasting live from the rocks in Johnson Valley! Lots more pictures, scores and up to the minute news this afternoon and evening.
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