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Club Name: Extreme 4-Wheelin'
Type of Club: Open to any four wheeler
Location: Tulsa, OK USA
Meetings are held: First Monday each month 7:30 p.m.
Contact: Phil Green (Pres) or Earl Stocker (Vice-Pres) Website: http://www.extreme4wheelin.com/membership.htm
Contact: Steve Sharp Phone: (918)446-5535 - E-mail: yellerblazer@hotmail.com
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Jody Cole - jody_cole@bswintl.com

Club Name: Frontier Four Wheelers of Okc,Ok
Type of Club: Open to any 4x4 owner that meets the bylaws.
Location: Okc, OK USA
Meetings are held: Last Monday of each Month, 7:30p.m.
Contact: Linda Coley - Phone: (405)769-4625 - Email: dnwallis@netcom.com
Contact: Glyn Templin - Phone: (405)789-5715 - Email: dnwallis@netcom.com
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: David Wallis - dnwallis@netcom.com

Club Name: Mud Runners
Type of Club: Open to all 4x4's

Location: Broken Arrow, OK USA
Meetings are held: Every other Wednesday at 7:00pm
Contact: Gary Gleason Phone: (918)486-4166 - E-mail: sdwindr@gte.net
Contact: James Young Phone: (918)251-4711 - E-mail: none
Club URL: none
Submitted by: Gary Gleason - sdwindr@gte.net

Club Name: Oklahoma Trailchasers 4WD Club
Type of Club: Open to any 4X4 owner.
Location: Oklahoma City, OK USA
Meetings are held: Third Tues each month at 7PM
Contact: Paul Davidson - Phone: (405) 364-0554 - Email: davidson@ionet.net
Contact: David Jones - Phone: (405) 741-0293 - Email: none
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Paul Davidson - davidson@ionet.net

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Meetings are held:
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