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Club Name: 4 Season 4 Wheelers
Type of Club: Located in Michigan's upper peninsula since 1987. Open to any 4X4 owner 18 yrs of age or older.
Location: Gwinn, MI USA
Meetings are held: 1st Friday of the month at the Gwinn Inn. 7:00pm.
Contact: Robert Savola - Phone: Contact by e-mail - Email: GNDHAWG @ AOL.COM
Contact: Lawrence Copley - Phone: (906)346-5826 - Email: None
Club URL: None as of yet.
Submitted by: Robert Savola - GNDHAWG @ AOL.COM

Club Name: Bay Area 4 Wheelers
Type of Club: Open to all makes and models. Members need to participate in at least one run per year & attend one meeting per year. Please visit our website for more info.
Location: Bay City Michigan USA and surrounding area
Meetings are held: Scheduled at different times/dates.
Contact: Mike Kelly Phone:   E-mail: kellydd@concentric.net
Contact: Jerry E-mail:
Club URL: http://members.xoom.com/bayarea4wdc
Submitted by: Steven - LowTread@usa.net

Club Name: Bushwackers 4WD Club
Type of Club: All Vehicles! trail rides, mudbogs, sand drags
Location: Wayne, Oakland, Monroe County, Michigan USA
Meetings are held: 1st Sunday of Month at 6:30 pm
Contact: Mike Sveda - Phone: 313-529-5153 - Email: mudkingxt@aol.com
Contact: Joanne Selman - Phone: 810-348-3309 - Email: (null)
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Mike Sveda - mudkingxt@aol.com

Club Name: Cadillac Jeepers
Type of Club: Mainly an all Jeep Club but we don't discriminate against vehicles of lesser stature...Non-Profit Off-road  4x4 Club
Trail Rides & Events w/Competitions Planned Weekend Outings & Week Long Trips for the Family ...Active in Forest Care and Issues "Public Forest For the Public"
Location: North Western Lower Michigan
Meetings are held: The Second Saturday of each month
E-mail: cadillacjeepers@flxtek.net
Phone: 231-876-1737
Club URL: http://jeepers.freeshell.org
Submitted by: Deb Stafford (club secretary) - 14Mar04

Club Name: Copper Country Mudslingers
Type of Club: Open to anyone, no vehicle required. Trail rides, mud bogs, tuff trucks, sand drags, camping, and fishing trips.
Location: Houghton, Michigan USA
Meetings are held: Every Thursday @ 7pm.
Contact: Kurt Smith - Phone: (906)523-6236 - Email: kcsmith@mtu.edu
Contact: James Sajdak - Phone: (906)482-4716 - Email: jlsajdak@mtu.edu
Club URL: http://www.me.mtu.edu/~wjskelle/4wheelers.html
Submitted by: Kurt Smith - kcsmith@mtu.edu

Club Name: Double Vision Off-Road
Type of Club: Open to all makes and models. Specialize in trail riding but love to hit the mud and sand dunes too. We are a group of people that love to off-road. Come on out and join the fun.
Location: Western Michigan USA 
Meetings are held: 
Contact: Todd - Phone:  - Email: Hirolln@aol.com
Contact: Andy - Phone:  - Email: Dublevisn1@aol.com
Club URL: http://members.aol.com/hirolln/index.html
Submitted by: Todd - Hirolln@aol.com

Club Name: Got Mud? 4x4s of Genesee County Michigan
Type of Club: We are a non-profit, non-dues, 4x4 group, we all love to go wheelin at the Mounds ORV Park in Genesee, Michigan, always on Sunday at noon 
Location: Flint, Michigan
Meetings are held: Always on Sunday at Noon, at Mounds ORV Park 
Contact: Arnold Craft Phone: (810) 249-6214 Email: arnoldcraft@comcast.net
Club URL:
Submitted by: BigDaddy (Arnie) - arnoldcraft@comcast.net - 20Jun04

Club Name: Hill's Pit Mudders
Type of Club:
Free. Any 4WD welcome (cars, trucks, buggies, 4 wheelers, even snowmobiles, etc.), family oriented. Additional Information: Donations accepted at gate for property owners, Chris and Penny Hill. Concessions Available. B.Y.O.B. Enter at Your Own Risk-no requirements.
Location: Jackson Rd, Cass City, MI, USA
No meetings, Just bogs; usually first one is last Saturday in April (depending on mud) noon to dark.
Contact: Penny or Chris Hill Phone: 989-375-4118
Steffany or Willie Forster Phone: 989-375-2140
Contact: Tracy Cavanaugh Phone: 810-982-3154 Email: tracycavanaugh@aol.com
Club URL: none, but you may visit www.fritztaxidermy.com
Submitted by: Tracy Cavanaugh - tracycavanaugh@aol.com - 06Jun04

Club Name: Internet Trailriders
Type of Club: Open to all 4x4 owners.
Location: Dundee, MI USA
Meetings are held: Internet e-mail
Contact: Dave Daley Phone: 313-529-3736 - E-mail: davedaly@dundee.net
Contact: Mike Sveda Phone: 910-659-1325 - E-mail: 4runner@off-road.com
Club URL: http://www.off-road.com/~itrider/
Submitted by: Dave Daley - davedaly@dundee.net

Club Name: Maple Valley Mudbogg Militia
Type of Club: Open to anyone who has a vehicle that they are willing to take mudbogging. (even if it's a car)
Location: Vermontville, MI USA
Meetings are held: Meet whenever we feel like mudbogging.
Contact: Aaron Brandenburg Phone: (517) 726-1421 - E-mail: branden9@pilot.msu.edu
Club URL: http://www.geocities.com/baja/6240/
Submitted by: Aaron Brandenburg - branden9@pilot.msu.edu

Club Name: MTU 4 Wheelers
Type of Club: Open to anything, almost.
Location: Houghton, MI USA
Meetings are held: Tuesday Fisher Hall Every Week
Contact: Frank Spiepker - Phone: 906 487 9454 - Email: (null)
Club URL: http://www.sos.mtu.edu/4x4/
Submitted by: Matt Zumpf - mezuumpf@mtu.edu

Type of Club:
ALL 4X4's
Marquette, Michigan
Meetings are held:
First Monday of every month at The House.
Club URL:
Submitted by:
Juice - nmutrailcats@hotmail.com - 7Sep03

Club Name: North Woods Trailblazers.
Type of Club: Open to any 4x4 owner.
Location: Marquette, MI USA
Meetings are held: Club meetings are every Tuesday, 7:30pm, Northern Michigan University.
Contact: Kelly Piar Phone: 630-588-0872 - E-mail: kpiar@dpg.devry.edu
Contact: Tim Krause Phone: 906-228-2700 - E-mail: Not aval.
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Kelly Piar - kpiar@dpg.devry.edu

Club Name: The Over The Hill Gang Four Wheelers
Type of Club: Open to any adult 4x4 owner.
Location: Auburn Hills, MI, USA
Meetings are held: 2nd Sunday of each month, 6:30 P.M., Gino's restaurant in Keego Harbor, Michigan
Contact: Bob Rowe - Phone: 313-464-9155 - Email: rjrowe@rust.net
Contact: Ray Surratt - Phone: 810-852-3034 - Email: N/A
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Bob Rowe - rjrowe@rust.net

Club Name: Psycho Boggers
Type of Club:
Strictly Mudbogging/Mud Drags
Lapeer, Michigan
Meetings are held:
Word of mouth
810 614-7033
Club URL: none
Submitted by:
B&A Muddersports - 27Feb04

Club Name: Red-Line Off-Roaders
Type of Club: This club is open to any and all 4x4 enthusiast. This is a family oriented club and we encourage family participation. We like to race, go on trail rides, and road rallies.
Meetings are held: Meetings are scheduled at the previous meeting. Flyers are sent out to anyone interested. If you are interested send us your name and address and you can receive a flyer.
Contact: Tanya Newberry Phone: (517) 865-9054 - E-mail: N/A
Contact: Chris Sloan Phone: (517) 845-7004 - E-mail: N/A
Club URL: None
Submitted by: Mark Newberry

Club Name: rose city savages
Type of Club: Open to any 4x4 owner.
Location: Rose City , MI
Meetings are held: Next meeting Dec. 20th
Contact: Gary Kovach Phone: 517-473-4043 - E-mail: rcsavages@juno.com
Contact: Cyndi Lou Wickwire Phone: 517 4734947 - E-mail: none
Club URL: None
Submitted by: Gary Kovach - rcsavages@juno.com

Club Name: South Eastern Mud Sweat and Gears
Type of Club: Open to any 4x4 owner
Location: Sterling Heights, MI U.S.A.
Meetings are held: 3rd Saturday of the month at 4pm at Joe Cefali's home call for info.
Contact: Joe Cefali Phone: (810)-798-2823 - E-mail: N/A
Contact: Michael Seidell Phone: (810)796-2573 - E-mail: seidell@cardina.net
Club URL: None
Submitted by: Michael Seidell - seidell@cardina.net

Club Name: Sundowners 4X4
Type of Club: Any 4X4 welcome
Location: Kalamazoo, MI USA
Meetings are held: Second Thursday every month 7:30 PM Oakwood neighborhood community center.
Contact: Scott Snyder Phone: 616-324-5505 - E-mail: Nscj7@Aol.com
Contact: Greg Crist Phone: 616-388-7879 - E-mail: None
Club URL: (null)
Submitted by: Scott Snyder - Nscj7@Aol.com

Club Name: Swamp Stompers
Type of Club: Open to any type of 4x4.
Location: Rochester Hills, MI, USA
Meetings are held: 1st Sunday of the month. Meeting place to be decided at the previous meeting.
Contact: Roy Josephson - Phone: 810-853-2943 - Email: 454@voyager.net
Contact: Bill Maskill - Phone: 810-299-5408 - Email: N/A
Club URL: N/A
Submitted by: Roy Josephson - 454@voyager.net

Club Name: Thumb Area Mud Runners
Type of Club: No qualifications to join. Annual events held are mud drags, Obstacles, Road Rallies and Toys for Tots Benefit.
Location: Vassar, MI U.S.A.
Meetings are held: Third Sunday of Every Month At Club Property 12:00
Contact: Don Jennings Phone: [810] 687-3499 - E-mail: djenni7494@aol.com
Contact: Scott Campbell Phone: [810] 631-8202 - E-mail: none
Club URL: none
Submitted by: Don Jennings - djenni7494@aol.com

Club Name: Xcalibur Offroad & Fab
Type of Club: Mostly sand, some dirt, long travel fab and innovation.
Location: Holland, MI U.S.A.
Meetings are held: Thirsty Thursdays
Contact: E-mail: xcaliburoffroad@gmail.com
Contact: E-mail: xcaliburoffroad@gmail.com
Club URL: www.xcaliburoffroad.com
Submitted by: Kyle


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